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Hazbin Hotel: "Chapter 1: Dirty Healings" | Part 1 | Comic Dub (v2)

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UPDATE 9-16-2021: I re-edited the video and re-recorded the lines I wasn't satisfied with. I also touched up all the sound effects. Overall, I'm proud of how much I managed to improve this video when compared to the original version I posted. You can read some of my comments about the changes below

This is my fan dub of the first half of the Hazbin Hotel comic, Chapter 1: Dirty Healings. Ever since I first saw the pilot for Hazbin Hotel back in 2019, it inspired me to pursue a hobby in voice acting and I feel like this is my first step towards to more exciting things down the road! This is my first real attempt at voice acting and sound design and I'm so proud of how well this came out and I hope you guys all enjoy it too!

Being my first real voice acting/dubbing project, I put way more work/research into this that I probably should so I wanted to leave some design notes below in case anyone actually reads the video description.

The voice I came up with for the Shark Boss was inspired by, Red, the gritty voiced bartender of the Tube Bar in 1970s Jersey City, NJ known from the infamous Jerky Boys Prank Call Tapes.

As for the word the Shark Boss was going to call Angel, considering the implied Italian background of all the characters in the deal scene, I had him say the Italian-American slang for the slur (fanook) but, you can kind of hear it under all the gunshots.

One last bit of trivia I wanted to share though was that Angel's arc in the comic is actually very similar to Steve Buscemi's character arc in Sopranos considering Angel's character was imagined as being voiced by Buscemi back in 2015.

This scene covers basically the same thing Angel did: HERE

Notes (9-16-2021)

The art in the beginning of the video is a composite image I made for fun. I actually made it using a screenshot from BioShock as the foundation. It honestly came out better than I expected!

In regards to the sound design, most of the sound effects from the previous version are similar to how they were before but, with some noteworthy changes (that I'm probably the only one that would care about ;w;).

For example, I included city ambience for the scenes set outdoors and engine sounds for the scenes set in Valentino's car (and when it stops too).

In the beginning of Angel's first monologue, I included blinking and oogling sounds for the sharks eyeing his business because, later in the scene, its implied that the sharks were actually distracted by the fact that he was actually wearing mini shorts (which I feel a lot of people tend to forget). And considering the sharks aren't familiar with him, it would make sense that they would be studying him.

I also included more banter and chuckling sounds for the sharks to make the meeting room sound more 'populated' (if that makes sense). In the old version, there was just laughing at the shark bosses remarks before the action scene but, I thought adding some at the initial stickup scene would liven them up a bit more so it didn't just feel like there was verbally just two characters in the scene.

The sound effects for when Angel is twirling and aiming his piece were all home-made samples I recorded with my Gohner P08 Luger replica. I thought it would make the scene immersive with some realistic weapon sounds aside from the Thompson, Greaser, AK, and generic pistol sounds I included before. I actually spent a few hours trying to time the pistol clicking sounds to be in sync for when Angel's twirling, aiming, and shoving his piece at the boss's head.

There were actually 3 versions of the take: one where there's just a click when its pointed at the boss (when he says "So!") and one where there's a generic cartoon poking sound at the head and then a click when he asks the boss the question.

And the final version in the video where you can hear the slap of Angel's glove on the boss's head, the piece rattling on contact with the shark's head, and then a nice detail I added where you can hear Angel taking the safety off his piece when he starts teasing the boss.

I also added more sound for when the shark boss is being cornered using a combination of samples from Ed, Edd, n Eddy including a heavily edited sample of Eddy groaning slowed and pitched down and stock dog whimpering pitched down to match the shark boss's vocal range.

I mentioned this in the original video but, the tune Angel is humming is "Bei mir bist du schön" by the Andrew Sisters from 1937. To keep in the theme of Angel's background, he would have been in his teens when the song went big. The version he's humming is the concert version from the BioShock 2 iTunes OST. Originally, I wanted him to hum "Ma Come Bali" by Dean Martin but that was released about 4 years after his death.

The music used in the shark scene was "Sunk" from BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea and the track used for the Valentino scene was "Lutece" also from BioShock Infinite.

The Shark lines were something that bothered me for a while so I re-recorded some of them to make them sound less monotone. The same goes for Valentino's lines.

I actually really love voicing Angel Dust and hope I can do more fan dub stuff involving him in the future! I would even love to do collabs if that's possible! I'm just so happy that Hazbin Hotel helped motivate me to take the step forward in my dream of being a voice actor (even if I am still an amateur)!

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

With all that said, I hope you guys enjoyed my notes.





Hazbin Hotel and all its characters belong to Vivziepop (Vivienne Medrano) and SpindleHorse.

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Im not a big fan of Hazbin Hotel but this chapter looks interesting, the voice of the shark guy was a little too crampy, and Angel Dust could use a little bit close up to his voice in the series, but you really did Valentino voice really well, overall great job!!

VA'ing isn't easy, so this being your first attempt is actually a lot, good luck with your career!!

RadicalEdward2 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Looking back I might try rerecording Angel's lines. I feel like I can get closer to the vocal range used for him in the pilot. I feel like after the initial lines, I kind of lost the accent a bit (to add to the refining that needs to be done). As for the Shark Boss, the scratchy and gritty voice was what I was going though I get where you're coming from with how it sounded. I think I put a link in the description for where I took inspiration for his voice. As for Valentino, his voice is probably the one I was the least satisfied with because it was so difficult to pin what he should/could sound like. There's a couple dozen scrapped takes of Valentino lines where I experimented with giving him a Marlon Brando voice but, it was pretty cursed lol One thing I definitely had fun with him though was adding layers to his voice to imply his power of manipulation. Again, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it ♥

Update: I uploaded a new version!

It's pretty good dude, but keep practicing and you'll do better

RadicalEdward2 responds:

Thanks! I'll do my best!

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2021
12:50 AM EDT