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Mad Bat

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Author Comments

This is is my first ever game created and i'm super excited to see the feedback. It's still in alpha stage and only contains 6 levels. I aiming to add 30+ levels if the game gets good audience and feedback. Thanks to https://www.bensound.com/ for the audio, https://opengameart.org/ for the textures, and special thanks to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_b3NNQN5bzExm-22-NVVg for the help in creating the game. To pause the game or resume it, press TAB. Recommended to play in fullscreen as game looks weird and out of place in minimal screen. Enjoy :)

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it's functional, kinda.
when trying to send the bat at anything other than at max power, the screen scrolls so you end up increasing the power slowly. the power that you need to kill the demons seems unclear, sometimes the crates land and dont do anything, other times they seem to fall the same way and you get the kill. angry birds showed varying levels of HP by adding bruises and scrapes and stuff. try that out and see how it goes
when trying to make a steep upward shot, you can only go til the bat hits the ground. it's very limiting and makes the one level where you need to do it very hard. making it so you don't need to pull back as much to reach max power I think is the solution.
the game needs to be played in full screen, otherwise it's jagged and doesn't look the best. this game doesn't need to be in 4K.
for your first game, it's not bad. but it needs work. best of luck improving

HajidJ responds:

Thanks for the honest review.
The demons die on contact with the bird, you could say they have 1 hp. And about the crates colliding with the enemies, I have it so that the enemies aren't very sensitive to the boxes because I thought it would make the game easier (although i can easily change that).
About the dragging and that, I had a problem where you can drag the bird and kill the enemies even before launching so I made an invisible box that only allows you to drag the bird along the range of certain x and y values (level 6 is intentionally very hard but is possible).
For some reason I couldn't get the game to look normal on minimal screen (I think it has smthg with the pixel values when you publish the game) so I resolved to fullscreen.
I'm of course still planning on improving the game, but I posted it at this stage to see if ppl actually like it. Thanks tho :)

the menu, it might just be me, but its very zoomed in. the game itself it fine though

HajidJ responds:

i'm new to this website, so i don't know if there's a fullscrean mode. Because when I made this game, I made so it's played fullscreen. I think that's why it looks zoomed in

Edit: I've fixed the problem. Always try to play fullscreen for better experience.

Credits & Info

2.32 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2021
6:18 PM EDT