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the past of whitmore

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i made a headcannon about whitty

so basically, during the ballistic song in whitty's week, i imagine that whitty's fuse is going off, rather than him controlling it, and he goes through a state of mental shock, where he begins going harder than ever, and preparing for the actual explosion. and in doing this, his life, his trauma, and his friend fly before his eyes.

eventually bf and gf just walk away and just at the last second, whitty defuses, because he physically can't detonate himself with what limited energy he has left.

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Oh poor baby...
Now I feel bad for vibing to ballistic

TyToons responds:

ohh no i ruined ballistic 😞😞😞

jesus christ the way updike looks

TyToons responds:

my whitty headcannon also involves updike actually looking like a threat contrary to his fnf design which looks like the weather man he once was

why is this 2,5/5? this is GOOD lmao the art style was a eh but not in the it sucks way but in the it fits this content way. do I even make sense??? anyway this is good why is everyone booing at it it's good!!!!!! I'm gonna throw hands!!!!!

TyToons responds:

thanks aha i dont mind that its 2.5, it was more of an expression than an effort thing,


TyToons responds:

that's the idea lmao, hope u enjoyed

is nice lore video

TyToons responds:

thanks, the idea was that carol doesnt exist in this au so he only has hex to sorta talk to.

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2021
7:34 AM EDT