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Groob Show Episode 1: The Fellow Named Yellow

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Synopsis: Gertie starts off her show with a bang and kidnaps someone in the process. She and her friends go to Mcdeebles to celebrate after.

All editing done by my good friend Leah (h0ney_chips on IG, h0ney-chips on tumblr)! Go follow her if you can!


Gertie- Me!!

Karsen- @Karsen-Iberra

Spoops - SpooperdeDooper

Luci- Churrodojo bc the actual va couldnt get their lines in bc they weren't feelin so well at that time.

Annshi- Yellow_Fellow

Madisongs- Madison (lol she just stands there)

I hope you enjoy this as much I did! 2nd episode is takin a bit of time so it might be a while until it comes out.

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Not terrible, plot was pretty good. Although I get the feeling you guys did this to amuse yourselves (which is perfectly fine), if you do want people online to dig it I feel this would be better if
1) you guys were doing voices instead of just reading the lines (even if the characters are self inserts)
2) you guys animated the faces (especially mouths, so it didn't feel as much like you guys were just talking over drawings)
3) you moved a little away from the references to your favorite media, it's pretty alienating.
Also kinda wonder where the art came from since the style is all over the place. Did the voice actors draw their own characters?

GrooveeReal responds:

1) Considering this is a reference slightly to a show called Khonjin House (which kinda has the same style as this), i could see why u felt like we were talking over drawings

2) We could try givin our sprites more emotions. Ill have to ask the crew about that.

3) imo as of now, the groob show takes place in a city that crosses characters from other dimensions (kinda like fnf but without beep boops) but there are other episodes coming that include mostly the Groob Show cast. And yes, the VAs drew their own characters.

I tried answering these as best as I could but thank you for watching this!! I really appreciate it man /v\

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2021
4:08 PM EDT