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A Blazing Game Night

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Original Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/Mss22oCJYrw

So production of the animation supposedly took 4 months, what I've done is that I think my 2 months of 9th grade and most of summer is in this production. I tried this time writing an actual plot and try to learn more about blender animation as I go on so please enjoy watching this animation. I had to cut some corners cause of technical limitations and the constant heat from the sun made me feel tired so forgive me for the mistakes. I tried putting in all of what i learned and putting them here. If im lucky enough, I would remake this

The crew:

Animation, Art, And Editing and Creator: Me

Writers: Me and Shinsukimi205


Voice actors:

SpicyVocals: https://twitter.com/SpicyVocals_

Eruthia: https://twitter.com/eruthia

MichealangeloVA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_9JWEaGRahYFfd9GeWCRg

Brandon Lee Ambercombie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4bk4HeKECWpwR3Siylc-Kg

Nathan T: https://twitter.com/rex_nathanr?lang=en

My Music Maker:

Overdecorated: https://overdecorated.newgrounds.com/

This is the biggest project i did

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Nice job, all of ya! To be honest, the final product just blew me away!
If you ever need some help again, just give me a ping!

I think that something might've happened with the voices at 5:07, but otherwise, this is really good!

ThreshersaurusRex responds:

it was an editing mistake, i can't handle the weather

Haha what a nice animation, good job guys ^_^

ThreshersaurusRex responds:


Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2021
6:52 PM EDT