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Frosting With No Cake

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MUSIC: OMORI - White Surf Style 6

Made in: Aseprite

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UH.... th is this?

I came back to this later because a lot of your work is really bizarre and fun to rewatch, but this time I've been noticing all the little extra details, and there's so much going on in this one scene, You mentioned 'eye candy' and you weren't kidding.

I wanted ask, since I see no other way this all comes together besides spontaneously, did you just start drawing little animation pieces and zoning out? or do you plan a bunch of stuff from the beginning? It makes me think more so of someone who's bored during a school paper and making a bunch of doodles, except all those doodles are in the same space and overlapping with each other thanks to animation. Whatever the process, I think your work really stands out creatively and keeps me coming back.

Andyl4nd responds:

Hey, thank you for the kind words!! Each animation I make starts off with a concept that helps me build the motivation to work on it, but some ideas distort so much throughout the development process that it eventually falls into that category of "zoning out and doodling". This one is definitely one of them, I was mostly occupying myself with something to draw while I streamed on twitch haha. Hope that somewhat satisfies your question!

*loud eating noises* Who- WHO MADE THIS *smacks table and cries of pure joy*

muy buena animaciĆ³n, mas por el estilo pixel art

Imagine this animation, but it never loops or repeats but keeps going and going. You can't turn it off.
That's what being too high is like.
damn does it capture it well