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What is Axel Doing? (Short Animation)

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Mark: "Axel, what the %&*! is you doing?!"

Just three of the NG rating assignments chilling outdoors, but Axel is being too noisy with his... 'you know what' lol. :)

If you know me well enough, I hope you know what the signs depicted in this animation mean, but if you don't, here! :)

Ignore the age rating assignment of the thumbnail, it's not accurate. Thanks.

  • Stay happy, stay home, and stay hale! :D

Music by CzySzy

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The content descriptors that seen are strong sexual content and violence. The memes that could relate to this are Eww Dude WTF

A: *talking about 18+*
T: Bruh |:/.
E & M: *groaning of disgust*
E: Dudeeee.. <:(
M: WHAT THE *Bleep*! >:(

And then the n word meme

A: I'm gonna say the n word! >:)
E & T: *gasps* :O
M: That's racist, you can't say the n word! >:(
A *inhales* *bleep*
M: *shutting A's mouth*

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Emphasis on "descriptors" because you will not find any lovemaking or violence in this skit, but the characters will. :)

I dont understand this.

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Okay, so Axel, being the 'A for Adult' rating sign, is doing his 'A for Adult' activity, but he is near his 'less restrictive' brothers and his activity is too noisy, so after three strikes, Mark smacks the mess out of him with just one hit so Axel will be quite when he does his thing. I hope you get it now.

Is the icon with the woman with blush supposed to represent sex or something like that?

Vista-Sound13 responds:

Exactly! But 'graphic' sex. :)

There's another icon that represents sex but is less intense/explicit.

Smooth! One thing I noticed though is that M glides away and back; it looks a bit weird. Otherwise this is good :)

Vista-Sound13 responds:

That was intentional, but I guess I could have done something else, but I wanted it to be like that, but I didn't mean for it to be weird (besides, I don't think it looks that weird; I think it looks kind of cool in fact, but so be it).

Thanks for your feedback, though. Cheers! :)

Cool animation

Vista-Sound13 responds:

I appreciate that as always, buddy! Cheers! :D

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2021
2:06 PM EDT
  • Animate