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Autotelic Self

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A music video for FreddeGredde on their song Autotelic Self back in 2017, created in the style of a video game entirely in Flash CS3 (the version without any camera controls...or 3d. which was a fun hurdle to work around for the parallax effects.. that and CS3 would crash when saving and opening the file so I had to split the project into FOUR seperate project files and stitch the entire thing together again afterwars!)

I held off from uploading here for a very long time but finally decided it was time to share this piece here on Newgrounds too!

You can view the original upload with unique minor intro segment and the Music Artists page here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-nBwTYG2f4 which includes lyrics to this song and all their amazing work!.

Composed and recorded by FreddeGredde: http://freddegredde.com

Drums and mix/master by Louis Abramson: http://jollyband.com

Animated by Will Wright: tyokio@hotmail.co.uk

Lyrics by FreddeGredde, Karen Graw and Michael Sujatta

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Well, great job! This would be amazing as an actual game.

Then, as a comment, it's a little strange that the player is an absolute beast (almost never taking hits, even against bosses... even against the final boss!) in almost all levels and in the Trench of Despair he just mostly sucks and doesn't even try (the boss actually whips his ass). I understand that the idea is to reflect the actual mood of the character, but maybe it would've been better if the level was actually insanely hard and the hits were almost unavoidable (and maybe taking the form regrets or "ghosts" of what he actually wanted/dreamt of) and after those hits he may actually reflect the despair. And also, given that the octopus actually spares his life, maybe he should be like a "mentor" of sorts, guiding him in the right direction. In the other levels, maybe he should've received some hits and regained some health with music related stuff, so that he doesn't come as an insanely good player. Anyways, that's my opinion and suggestion. It was an amazing job all the same.

love this! I think it's really beautiful and evocative, and it was a beautiful allegory to finding one's way to one's passion, whether it be in music, art or anything else, rather than just doing it mindlessly for the money.

gotta be honest the art music are good but the gameplay got me bored but doesnt mean give u this star but this


bro fredde did no hit on the final boss first try what a legend

tyokio responds:

its one heck of a speed run! despite taking all those hits in the water level!

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2021
10:07 AM EDT