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(ARCHIVAL REUPLOAD) Skate - Animation Meme

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An old animation meme (you know, those short animations done to portions of songs) I made in July 2021, when I was 12 years old. This version is muted due to newgrounds rules, but the original audio I used is a portion of "skate!!!' by Funeral that the youtube animator Kittydog used for a video once that I managed to see before it was age-restricted.

I'm only reuploading this now at the age of 15 for craps and giggles. I'm not active on newgrounds anymore at all, so don't expect me to post anything else

Honestly it was a miracle I was able to recover this because I deleted part of the sprites used for this and the capcut project/video file for this in 2022 out of shame. Thanks, spotty Newgrounds deletion system!

CONTAINS IMPLICATIONS OF POISONING, CENSORED SLUR USAGE, SHIRTLESS DUDES, UNINTENTIONAL POTENTIAL SUGGESTIVE CONTENT (trust me, the hand on crotch thing as unintentional and the bed thing was just them laying down, they didn't screw or anything (The catgirl was my persona and the guy was her age so B R U H)), CRAPPY ART QUALITY AND... IDK really it's just CRINGE

I removed this in 2022 at the age of 13 due to my being ashamed at what I created. Well screw 13 year old me because THIS CRAP NEEDS TO BE ARCHIVED BECAUSE OF HOW "So bad, It's good" IT IS LOLOLOLOL

If you'd like to see my current stuff, my Scratch and Toyhouse are both @/scratchykit5743 and they have up-to-date art and animation memes

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Well made very good I respect how well animated it is I know its very hard making animation so you did a very good job on this

Yeah, no

ScratchykitTwu responds:

…I don’t see any criticism. Or any reason. Just… What? I’m confused.

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2.60 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2021
10:30 PM EDT
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Misc. Kit
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