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Behold the Egg

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survived in one piece.

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Author Comments

This game was made for NEWGROUNDS JULY JAM 2021. The theme was, "Egg." The jam was over ten days, but due to indecision (and poor planning,) I only began on the fourth day.

Viewer discretion advised. This is a horror game, and there is a possible jumpscare.


fortunately, your internship is over after this shift, and that means you get to enjoy a living wage at the Company. unfortunately, to get in good grace with the higher-ups for it, you decided to take on an "unsavory" bonus shift that involves some babysitting.

NOTE: the controls involve only the mouse and the Left Click button.

sound is recommended to play the game. while not required, many helpful audio cues can enhace this experience.

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Well first off I like the EGG element of this one and especially like the 3/D visual effects here Another fun game and you make these game types look so easy its always fun to see and play these games and the whole unique theme is always a plus i love the effort and detail that goes into these games such as you have created here. I love the effort you have pushed here on this particular game, Great egg game here


noooo, I was so close to winning :(

Great game though


anyways, i got the secret medal


Like @Plasmarift already wrote the problem with the game is not lack of content, but complete lack of communication between the game and the player, lack of proper information. I am an employee, right? So I should know at least for the minimum extent how things work. Several illogical issues:
1. The moment when the eye appears: to some point I can deal with it using the hammer, but during few playthroughs I could use it twice, while the other time just once. And even after I "resolved the problem" for the first time, the eye appeared just 2-3 seconds later, so what's the point in it?
2. I assume that turning from the computer portraits ceasing doing the task, like in real life, but the game gives no clue about it, the player can thing that some of the processes are automatic and can be run "in the background".
3. What's the deal with controlling the temperature? Why sometimes the game refuses to lower the temperature even if I tell it to do so? Why the other times the temperature just rises on its own? And why sometimes clicking on "down" button doesn't do anything at all? Again, no directions.
4. The way the game works: after the monster egg hatched I was "forced" to look at it, nothing happened and the game threw me out to the main menu. When I re-entered the game I saw the hammer again on the desk, but the egg was already hatched and I couldn't not only click on anything, but even move around. Something has to be bugged here.
Now when the jam is over it's a good time to make some improvements.

ahhh is hard


1) Launch the game for the first time and play for a minute or two.
2) Refresh the page, so the game breaks and it's easier to manage the egg
3) Start the game again
4) Lower the temperature of the egg to -20
5) Start any task, don't turn around / move until the task disappears from the computer
6) Repeat the steps 4 & 5 until you win.

You don't need sound btw, turn it off, because it's annoying.

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2021
2:57 AM EDT
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Mixcraft 9