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Pandora's Egg

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Play through 20 dangerous levels with megaman-style punishing precise platforming!

This game is for the July Gamejam with the theme of Egg This is Gatekid3's first Gamejam!

Gatekid3 and I actually were learning as we went about how to even make this game happen.

Every bit of this game, including it's concept, art, sounds, music, and even programming was made completely from scratch in Unity during these past 10 days.

We worked our absolute butts off on this for all 10 days of the Jam and I am uploading this literally 30 mins before the cutoff time!

I hope you guys enjoy this and send Gatekid3 some love for the INSANE about of great art and animations he killed himself making for this.

**POST-GAMEJAM BUG FIX AND FEATURE UPDATE 8/18/2021** Boy howdy I sure would have liked to make this update sooner *COUGH COUGH* FIGBURN *COUGH* but now that I'm able to add things now I've got a lovely update bound to make many people happy!

~New Additions~

  • There is now an alternative control scheme that is more comfortable for left-handed gamers and better jump key for right-handed gamers!
  • You can now automatically transition to a glide when you hold down the jump button! A long-requested feature :)
  • The level number is now displayed in the corner of all levels! Just to keep track of what level you're on.


  • The Knight's patrol time now has a smaller random patrol interval! This should greatly reduce instances of frustrating patrol RNG
  • The infamous drop-onto-spikes level as been adjusted! You'll still drop onto spikes if you do nothing but now it's easier to move to safety.
  • A few other levels have been adjusted to be more fair yet more engaging!
  • Many people have complained to me about the hitboxes of this game, from The Cultist feeling too fat to the spikes feeling too thicc. In reality the hitboxes have always been smaller the the sprites themselves so it's impossible to hit something the sprites weren't already touching. Nonetheless, I've made them all even smaller to help those who were struggling to complete some levels :)

~Bug Fixes~

  • Altered and fixed up The Cultist's Tile Collision in order to smash all bugs coming from ground-detection-from-side-of-ground-tiles and becoming stuck inside of tiles. Basically most tile collision should be mostly bug-free. Mostly.
  • Fixed the Cultist's death animation being stuck in freefall.
  • Fixed (hopefully) ALL instances of input-mashing causing the Cultist to not be able to move, jump, or attack!

**MASSIVE BUG FIX UPDATE 7/28/2021** Thanks to everyone's feedback and reports, I've managed to fix almost every issue brought to my attention! As well as some balance and gameplay changes to feel better for the player to control! Here's a list of changes:

  • Fixed ALL ceiling collision, no more jumping through the roof!
  • The character now has increased linear drag! That means they no longer fall like a sack of bricks but that also means that he doesn't jump as high anymore, so it feels more tight!
  • Some levels adjusted to account for the new jump height and fall speeds
  • The game now reloads 33% faster after you die!

**UPDATE 7/26/2021** I updated the build and am getting reports that I've fixed the Attack animation freezing the player bug. Give it another go if this affected you!

**UPDATE 7/25/2021** I hope it's alright that I had to update the build a few minutes past the deadline, a level was broken rendering the game incompletable! It's fixed now.

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Great Game, Really Good!

such a fun game plz make more

pretty fun the snake level kept me stuck for a few minutes

Pretty Fun

Really good but hitboxes are messed up, the snake looking level where you have to instantly kill an Axeknight, then kill two knights then instantly dodge an axe is the worst, you have to wish to Jebus it hits you or not.

But, I get this game was a while ago and the creators were still learning, quite fun though :)

JJGamez64 responds:

Finally got to put out an update that was pending for a while. The hitboxes are smaller now and that level, among some others have been adjusted. Give it another go and if you like it be sure to rescore! :)

gatekid3 responds:

Fair criticism. It was Indeed a learning process and I feel I have a better sense for what things take away enjoyment for a player after seeing different people interact with the game.
Glad you enjoyed the game.