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Zmorg Inception (pilot episode)

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I decided to join the Saturday Morning Newgrounds with a character whom I wanted to give his own show for longer and I decided this was the time. Here is the pilot episode of Zmorg. Zmorg was born as one of my first character designs and I decided to build a lore around him and refine his design further. This show or the series which I have in mind for him is inspired by Invader Zim, which one can probably see in the way how this combines humor with tension and action of an alien which visits earth.

I started on this on the 8th of July and finished it today, which on some days was a pain in the ass as I worked literally the whole day on it for several days the past week to get it finished for the deadline. There are still some things which I haven't been able to entirely fix, but at some point you need to be satisfied with it.

Zmorg is an alien who has come to earth for a mission with his partner Larpux, but it becomes quite obvious that the two aren't really fond of each other.

A special thanks to @hpargnonohp for his help with the production and of course also thanks to @xZiriusX and @jinz for their awesome contributions of the soundtrack and @stanpai for his voice acting.

More episodes for Zmorg are planned, I also created a Patreon on which I want to also give insight into some of the behind the scenes of the pilot and future episodes after I got some rest of the hard work of this.

Attribution for sound effects:

"Bamboo Swing, C8.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org

Wt Pilota Botant.wav by CraterZounds

Small dog barking by alec_havinmaa

Boom Vocoded by PearceL

Squeeky Ball Toy by AGFX

Metal hit with metal bar resonance by JorickHoofd

Plastic fx by jammaj

Body falling to floor 6 by JakLocke

Ping by DrMrSir

Headset battery low by Omar Alvarado

Appliance Microwave Button Beep by DWOBoyle

footsteps on pavement by arnaud coutancier

footsteps fast on pavement by sinatra314

Texture of metal by sonidotv

19 Metal Falling by juanlopz08

suonho_ScaryScape_01 by Suonho

Button Click 1 by Mellau

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this was perfectly made to give me anxiety. My blood pressure is through the roof!

LostChronology responds:

Haha, yes it was made inspired by Invader Zim so I can believe that! The future episodes will have more tension than this one but the same mood.

Nice work! I can tell that a lot of effort was put on the production because 3 and a half minutes is quite a lot, your effort was not in vain! A few things to note, some still-shots went on for a bit too long. Some shots were also awkwardly placed. I had a difficult time understanding what was going on until I viewed it a second time.
Other than that the sound design was really great. The music really fit the sort of humor tense moments of the episode, hope you continue expanding on this lore :)

LostChronology responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism! :)

Yes, actually I started more focused on music production and tried to take up digital visual art and animation later on, so I have a bit more experience with sound design like the design of the alien voices which I built up with the help of Vital (a wavetable synthesizer) and heavily changed with effects to change the mood and sounds of it for the simulation of talking. In scenes like the walking scene to the computer at the end I have increased the metal bonk step volume gradually to add to the realism sound wise of that scene.

It definitely took a lot of effort, in the end I worked on this for 2 weeks and I had to draw, color and animate everything by my own which is the reason why some scenes are more worked out than other scenes, I still hadn't colored and animated everything by the 19th of July and I am sure that the quality would have been better overall had I taken more time, but I decided it was more important for me to make the deadline than to maybe have a better result, but not being able to participate in the Saturday Morning Newgrounds event with my submission which I worked on for the entire day at some days to get it finished in time.

I'd like to DM with you to get a bit more insight on the shots technical wise as I would like to improve on that.

Again, thanks for your helpful feedback!

very nice, great work guys

LostChronology responds:


It's great to see this finished after seeing small previews, I'm glad to be part of this! That dog scene is just amazing.

LostChronology responds:

Haha yeah that scene worked out well I think with the humor and your great music contribution there!

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2021
9:24 PM EDT
  • Krita
  • OpenShot Video Editor