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Restless Place

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Author Comments

Defend your home by hitting enemies with a magic ball that you can knock around the room. Find rest after 20 rounds or continue to see how long you can survive for!

Hit the ball in the direction of enemies to take them out. You can also hit enemies to knock them away from you

  • Earn points from taking out invaders
  • The faster the ball goes the more points you get
  • 9 Unique Upgrades to spend points on
  • 7 enemy types
  • (Up to) 3 Balls

How To Play

Swing your bat and knock enemies out with the ball to earn points which you can use to buy upgrades in between rounds. The faster the ball moves the more points you earn. You can only have 5 active upgrades at a time so you'll need to sell some back to buy better ones.

  • ARROWS/WASD - Move
  • UP/SPACE - Jump
  • LEFT CLICK - Swing Bat (The swing will hit the ball in the direction of your cursor)
  • ESCAPE - Pause


All work done by sam 3 days

The font comes from somepx - Humble Fonts Tiny II

Other Info

Didn't have time to work on music unfortunately

The game might be pretty tough so feedback on the balance would be very helpful

Thanks for playing!

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Quite a lot of fun. I think balance is initially okay, certainly winnable, if anything gets easier after a few levels once you've upgraded a bit - I think ease of upgrades outweighs increasing difficulty of enemies. Actually I found I couldn't go much beyond level 20 due to being way too overpowered - once you have a couple balls whizzing around at speeds of 200+ then you're just going to smash the level easily. And by level 28ish I had upgraded so much that the balls just got into a weird feedback loop where each bounce off the walls or enemies (I wasn't doing anything) made them faster and faster ... eventually they were going at speeds of several thousand and then the game just froze. Or sometimes the balls seem to go so fast (once their speed is above 10,000 or so) that they leave the game altogether, but it freezes soon after that anyway...

Typo alert: "your safe" at the end should say "you're safe"!

EDIT: might also want to have a time bonus for fast level completion that's visibly ticking down to put some pressure on the player to take the initiative. The first two levels can be won just by standing on a high platform where you're unreachable, and letting the enemies walk onto the ball. In fact knockback is the only way you can lose health (because you can accidentally hit them up to the height of your platform, which is the only way they can touch you!) so you're best to just let the ball float around and be utterly passive. A time bonus would encourage some risk-taking and less boring gameplay!

EDIT2: think the fatal bug is in the "reduce deceleration" upgrades, since with enough of them, the ball seems to actively accelerate on its own, which quickly crashes the game! Rather than a proportional or constant increase to this bonus, perhaps you should make each extra upgrade have a lower effect than the previous one, so that overall their effect starts to level off...

Fortythreesam responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Gonna fix the issues pointed out soon hopefully. Also gonna add more endge content and figure out a way for the player not to become completely op lmao.

really enjoyed playing this! simple and definitely fun! :]

Fortythreesam responds:

Thank you!

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2021
10:38 AM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine