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Ashes | All I Do Is Sit Inside My House All Day

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Genus_Art

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genus.entertainment/

Tumblr: https://genus-art.tumblr.com/

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Song: All I Do Is Sit Inside My House All Day - Josh A


Ok, so I have been chipping away at this animation for little over a year now. The idea initially came about when we first went into that "two week" quarantine when the pandemic started. The first animatic was made during that period. This by far is one of, if not the most ambitious and longest 2D animation I have ever worked on for my OCs (and in general). Now that its finally done I do have some thoughts and feelings about both the experience and the outcome.


When I first was working on the animatic I tried to push myself to get it done as quickly as possible because I knew if it became dragged out I was never going to finish it let alone animate it. There were two songs I couldn't decide between; those songs being "All I do is sit inside my house all day" by Josh a and "Losing Interest" by Paycheck. I ultimately just asked a friend which song he thinks works better, and that's how we got the song we have now.

I did end up getting the entire rough animatic done within 24 hours (March 22-23, 2020). I did some cleanup near the end of May and probably a bit in June. I didn't actually start animating until November. I used a school project as an excuse and as a way to force myself to get a good chunk of it done (since my grade depended on it). The first shot animated was actually the classroom shot. During the fall semester I managed to get a whole 20 seconds done (0:30-0:52 was the bit I animated for school). I felt pretty proud of myself for actually getting the animation started. During winter break I tried to keep it going and managed start working on the part preceding the classroom shot starting with David (the one in the white t-shirt/red hoodie) spinning into the sky. The other shots before that were animated in order I believe. My spring semester started and no work was done on it during that time, that semester left me drained and void of motivation. I would start getting animating again on may 23rd working on the remaining shots in chronological order. The second to last shot's lip sync only looks that well because I rotoscoped a recording I did of myself singing along, and honestly, that was a great decision to make because had I done it from scratch it would have definitely taken forever to do that shot and it would have probably looked worse. I rendered the final video yesterday (July 5th, 2021) at 9 am after working on it all night.


So after all that and finally putting this project to rest there should be some closure, right? Eh, not really. Immediately after rendering it I felt pretty underwhelmed, to say the least. Seeing everything all together it feels like a mess honestly. Its just all over the place. I guess that's what happens when the entire animatic was made within 24 hours I suppose; but I can't see myself coming up with something better even had I spent more time on it so who knows. It is also worth noting that since around March 6th of this year my channel kinda just started tanking drastically and unprecedently and is at the lowest point its been since May 2017, so there's a good chance all this work won't even be seen by many people combining my dead channel and the fact that this doesn't have the support of some pre-existing fandom like Undertale, Sonic, or Dragonball lol.

But that's ok. Because honestly the best part of working on this has been the tremendous support my friends have given me while working on this (and when I make anything really). I mentioned feeling underwhelmed to my friend and he immediately hyped up my work so I appreciate that a lot. Wait, did I just pull a "the real *blank* was the friends we made along the way"?

It doesn't help that no one else really knows the two characters' backstory, so I'll try to explain a tiny bit:

This is about my story called "Ashes". It follows David, who is a superhero and the main character, and his best friend Matt. It is supposed to thematically contrast them as people and how they deal with negative feelings. David is more prone to intaking substances whereas Matt will simply try and sleep it off. David tends to see the bright side of things while Matt is more cynical.

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The animation is well done, remember that the creator will always see most if not all the flaws. From an outside viewers perspective, this looks very good in my opinion. Both style and animation fit with the music. Take the difficulties as a learning point and remember the small achievements you are proud of while making this. I enjoyed it either way.

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3.33 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2021
4:15 PM EDT
Music Video