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The Dingo Connection

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Q: What is The Dingo Connection?

Discount Detective Rahul Titan is on the case to, you know, figure that out. A pair of masked criminals: the dastardly Dingo Dango and the cantankerous Cool Koala have stolen a priceless artifact. The heroic officer Bingo Bango has been called in to put a stop to the crime wave…but is hiding something behind his charming looks? The Dingo Connection is a fast-paced action-comedy crime farce that is totally bananas! Hand-painted on beautiful cel animation, the short film blends new age video editing and traditional animation into a multi-media rollercoaster.

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“Makes ya think. Makes ya drink.”

-Walt Disney

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is the rat on the keyboard called neil?

jokes aside, I was entirely invested in this story, well done

Nice one!

ooh hold on. Papa legba made a video? let me void my bowels ; ) i'm not watching on a full intestine!

PapaLegba responds:

crisis averted ;))

Hey, I loved the short. The mixed media really gave it a great nostalgic feeling and I really appreciate the fact that it was made using cel animation. Those are extra points for you. However, it shouldn't participate in the jam, I think: You didn't make it specifically for the jam.

Ayy this is super creative and the art style is awsome!! Good job!