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Soldiers Land Season 1: The Battle of Fort Tucker| A Stop Motion Animation

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In an alternate dimension, Plastic Life has replaced regular types of life. On one planet in particular. There is war, terror, and conflict. This world is called soldiers land. Welcome to Soldiers Land, Where a soldiers life never changes. In this stop motion movie series. We will be exploring the lore and backstory of the world of soldiers land. Because a soldiers life never changes!

My movie Is a work of fiction, This is a historical fiction film made to entertain people of all ages.

For this stop motion I used 12 Frames Per Second.

This film is a stop motion film I've been working on since march 10th 2019.

So thank you for watching this film.

Don't worry there will be more soldiers land films to come.

Thank you to everyone to voiced and helped me when this movie was in production it really means a lot to me.

I am very proud of myself on how this film turned out the way it did.

Each Season for soldiers land will be 5 to 7 episodes per season.

This is Episode one season 1 of Soldiers Land.

Link to my YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/ArmymenLife

Frame Rate used for this movie is 10fps, 12fps, 14 FPS.

Join if you can it is a friendly community

Only join if you're 13 and up.

Thank you to this guy who helped me create music ? for my video


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stop motion videos are my favorite, and this one is really good!


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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2021
3:56 PM EDT