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HUE Trials - Bacteria Adventure

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 -J: Swap Color

 -K: Flip Gravity

 -D: Turn Direction

 -F: Jump

 -Esc: Pause


(Not officially supported by Unity WebGL, but I got it to work with:

Set your browser to open the page as Desktop.

Start the game, just refresh if it crashes.

Expand the game to fullscreen.

Switch to landscape orientation.)

If you can get it to work{

--Touch the screen on...

 -Top Left: Swap Color

 -Top Right: Flip Gravity

 -Bottom Left: Turn Direction

 -Bottom Right: Jump

 -Pause Symbol: Pause

}Otherwise try the App link


Adventure as a bacteria and solve puzzles to cure the world of a deadly parasite.

Jump, swap, and flip through challenging levels while discovering new colors along the way.

Try the Infinity mode for some endless fun, or make your own levels in the Create mode and share them.

It may seem simple at first, but JUST WAIT until you run into more colors!

Hope you guys enjoy the game. I put a lot of work into it (and a lot of procrastination too, lol). It was originally made for mobile so you might want to avoid playing it fullscreen on a large monitor. IDK if this will run on mobile browsers, if not, here's the google playstore link.


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Whoa, this is such an undeservedly hidden gem! It's weird how such a good, well-polished game managed to get off the radar just like this. It surely deserves to be more known.

I've just beat that last level. It was so punishing that beating it felt very rewarding. (:

I loved the mechanics available (specially the ones after Simulation) and how they were presented (letting the players discover them through level design was a nice touch!). It takes quite a while to actually cut to the action, but once you manage to get there, it gets very interesting.

In special, I loved the boss level for Petri 2, whose design was quite a surprise. Human 40 was tricky; and I spent way too much time on Human 39, which was frustrating (but made the relief of never needing to go through that ever again all the merrier). A thing that could have helped present purple at Human 26 would be coloring the bottom row purple instead of red.

The difficulty is overall well-balanced; with the latter levels being quite the spike in challenge.

Also, loved the quirky plot and the silliness of that level-start blob. It was delightful that the dialogue was always connected to the player's experience.

"In retrospect I probably should've put them through tests and trial and looked at what I put ion there." Dr. Genius.

Well, hindsight is 20/20.

I came here from Hen in the Foxhouse. The laughs keep coming!

VerilyFine responds:

I'm glad you enjoy the humor as much as I do! It's awesome to see HUE Trials getting some love too.

The game ramps up a little slowly so players can acclimate to controls(Originally made for mobile), but once you get further into it there's a ton more depth with the new colors and mechanics.

An absolutely wonderful game thus far- And I've only played the simulation. There's a bit of a difficulty curve when the medium-sized parasites are introduced, but it's not to the point where it ruins the experience. It has charm, good music, a wonderfully well-executed way of introducing new ideas and mechanics to the player, all which are available to them from the start- You know, once this gets approved, I'm sure people'll be playing it in their free-time quite often.

VerilyFine responds:

I'm really glad to hear it!

It's crazy how easy those first levels are to me after I've tested them so much. So hearing about the difficulty from someone else is great.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2021
10:54 PM EDT