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Voice actors Needed

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Hello everyone, I'm an animator who is going to start animating a fan made Skylanders series with many episodes in order to turn this into an animated series. The show is expected to have up to 12-16 episodes. Each episode has an average duration time of 10 minutes. I'm currently looking for a female voice actor that can voice Roller Brawl for the long run. If interested in voicing one of the main cast in the series, please listen closely. The lines I'll be labeling down below this paragraph will explain the rules on how you can get a chance to voice a character in this series.

Roller Brawl Steps

Step 1: You must be 18+ years or older in order to audition.

Step 2: Record yourself voicing Roller Brawl with the lines I've instructed.

Step 3: Send me an email with either an audio, video, or link to a website (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that I can see or hear the lines of your character voiced by you. My email is moonrabbitanimation@gmail.com.

Step 4: Once you've submitted your part, I will announce the chosen winner on July 7th for who will be voicing this important cast on this website.

P.S. Roller Brawl's voice doesn't necessarily have to sound like her actual voice. Get creative and try to do your own voice that you think best suits this character.

Roller Brawl Lines

Roller Brawl: Hi Mr. Kong

G. Kong: Well I wasn't expecting to see my grandson to come in. Much less with a beautiful girl.

Roller Brawl: I also caught him cheating on me today this morning.

G. Kong: Boy if I wasn't on this bed right now I'd beat your ass with all these machinery I have connected on me.

Fling Kong: It's obviously a joke Grandpa, we're not really dating. This is Roller Brawl. The girl I was talking about that I've been hanging out with for the past 2 years.

G. Kong: You guys have been close friends for two hole years and not once has it crossed your mind to ask each other on a date?

Roller Brawl: We tease each other every now and then as jokes but we would never consider on actually dating.

G. Kong: My grandson could never ask a female out without getting his ass rejected. I mean seriously, grow balls you virgin.

Roller Brawl: Virgin huh? (says with a smirky smile)

If you don't get picked, please don't get discouraged. There will be many open opportunities open for auditions with this series. I will announce them here on this website for whenever I need new seats available for new characters in the series.

I released a short teaser/trailer on the series here below. If you have any questions please email me at moonrabbitanimation@gmail.com.

Best of luck everyone :)


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2.50 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2021
1:27 PM EDT