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O Mighty Snakedragon

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Benevolent God 10 Points

Bring rain to your followers

Chaotic Deity 10 Points

Bring rain to those who do not worship the Snakedragon

Egalitarian God 10 Points

Bring rain equally to all

Storm Dragon 25 Points

Flood the village

Stingy God 25 Points

Deny rain to all

Author Comments

Control the weather as the mighty snakedragon & the rain spirit. Will you bring rain to the pious believers? Or be a benevolent God and bring rain to all? Or perhaps be an angry storm dragon and flood all the fields...

Made in 48 hours for the 2021 GMTK Jam. The theme was "Joined Together".



  • Move with WASD or arrow keys
  • Push clouds by flying into them with your head
  • SPACE to toggle rain spirit.
  • You can only push clouds when rain spirit is not active
  • Fly close together with rain spirit for > 3 seconds near clouds to create a rain cloud
  • Game ends when less than 30 clouds remain
  • M to toggle mute

There are 5 possible endings.


You can read more about how the game evolved in the game jam version. The loose goal of this game is to shepherd the clouds and make it rain. The part that was really fun for us was learning to control the majestic dragon, dancing with its rain spirit counterpart, and trying to come up with and maintain different patterns in the rain dance.

The easy way to make it rain is to rotate both dragons in a tight circle next to each other. A more fun way is to perform a entwined figure-8:


This gives you a larger radius for your rain dance, so you can attract more clouds, and make bigger rain clouds.

There are other patterns that aren't possible to trigger rain with, but that are still fun, like drawing a heart. Perhaps it could be fun to explore more in that direction, where the goal is itself to perform these and more elaborate dances, perhaps with other players!

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Interesting concept but not much gameplay since you can't really fail and nothing challenges you. The endings are pretty neat though

got all the endings and every ending everyone dies

Not gonna lie, I wish I could use my mouse to control the snake, but aside from that, I enjoyed it

very good

cool cool

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2021
2:39 PM EDT
  • Phaser 3
Misc. Kit
  • Texture Packer