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Brittle Battles Bedtime

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This animation short was started the 16th of June, the day i stumbled upon the stay awake animation jam.

With one day to brainstorm the story, these 10 days have been pretty gruelling for me and TrinityFate, whom i dragged into this mess lmao.

I thought it would be a great experience to actually lead a project into fruition than wondering about the what ifs, and i admit this experience was one of the most satisfying i had for a long while. We couldnt get much in terms of animation but we wanted it to look great with time time we had on our hands. There are a lot of things i could have improved on, but overall it is a good first collaborative project

I dont know about TrinityFate's experience though, it seems the crunch killed him inside, will update on their status in a couple of days.

I looked at the "Stay awake" theme for the animation jam and decided I was going to try and go the extra mile and make this short more unique in the way I approached the story. Instead of making something mundane or based on a real situation, i chose a sci fi setting and a little story to tell of a character we picked at random, hopefully it is unique enough that it stands out on its own, even if it was made for the jam.

We made sure to put ourselves to work on something we actually liked , so we decided between shortstacks OC's with a lot of booba and ass because that is as good of a motivation as any, so Brittle was picked for this animated project.

Honestly we didnt enter to win anything on this jam, and im pretty sure this art style will put some people off because of the sexually charged character designs. However, we are past the point of giving any fucks about what other people think.

I couldnt have done this without you Trinity, so you have my infinite gratitude, my boye.

Also thank you Chloe and Jeff for providing the voices in this video, you guys did great!

And finally thanks to Clip Studio Paint and Sony Vegas for the hellish experience we had to go through

Update: We didnt even make into the first 15 in the animation jam even though it had the most views out of all the submissions. I think the little sfw ruling they added for the second round was based on this submission, which would be hilarious if that is the case.

Hope you like it!

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This short was cute and funny, but I wanna see a NSFW version, I wanna see Brittle and the green guy have sex

will there be a follow up?

I want more please

brite bratols


Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2021
7:21 PM EDT