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.+ aethereum memory.

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WARNING: VERY MILD EYESTRAIN RISK. (Maybe... just being safe.)

I recommend using headphones.




A lot of this will make more sense if you experience [ Wired Seed ] first.

(the bugged filter due to Flash death I'll fix eventually,

the old outdated art style and design choices,

and strange audio mixing aside...)






the idea of this experiment: throw myself into one of the advanced things I so want to make, and find out exactly what is stopping me. a 2-week sprint due may 31st, to stretch for insight, exorcise the fear of starting and the like.

I definitely figured things out, so it worked! but it became a 1 month and a half marathon lmao.

it was really difficult to keep going some days due to my still weird sleep cycle, but also SO and I's bad financial situation causing us a lot of stress. (we're managing.)

BUT! all these productivity experiments are getting me somewhere... :0




I've paired my music and my animation before (see: Wired Seed and [ this ] part of the Flash Retrospective), but this! a lot of firsts here:

  • scoring a video, with a script and beats to respect.

just typing that is unreal oh my god. it involved a lot of back-and-forth between video editing software and DAW, which almost crashed everything a few times, but it was a fun process :D

  • a better demonstration of psiridic sound design / foley.

I did do the SFX in Wired Seed, but this feels... more purposeful.

the wind is the only fully borrowed clip. I'll explain when I upload the song!

  • trying proper mixing-mastering!

original tracks made with GarageBand for comfort, but the actual mixing process is a whole new thing... damn it's fun

  • ...m-m-my voice in publiccc,,

heavily fx chain'd for good reasons and only a few seconds' clip but uh,,,,, hi i did say i sing haha...... oh no i'm so going to regret this

  • Dualpetal but in a legit standalone upload...!

Dualpetal is the final (anglophone / non-conlang) name I gave to the song that contains the motif here. I've been writing it for a long time... the lyrics are far from final and the whole thing is not that complex, but it's been very closely tied to Niyue's character / mindset / story since its creation.




uhhh the stupid second thoughts about how I hate this are setting in again so:

this is the first of post-2020!eonling's slow-but-sure stream of animated / interactive content. I'm thinking of another big sprint for something of the latter kind, hopefully this year but no promises.

I hope you look forward to this multimediatic PSIRID.SYS! I definitely do.




a thank you to S. the funny music man (ykwya) for all the music and theory talk;

{ wind noise } © John Grzinich;

{ project, artwork, music } © Xi-eonling.

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2021
6:55 PM EDT
  • FL Studio
  • Garage Band
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • After Effects