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Author Comments

Something strange is coming. Something foul. A graveyard has sprouted out around you. Deranged creatures roam the night. It’s time to think fast and shoot sharp! Get ready to pull the TRIGGORE!



Left click to shoot. Hold right click to interact. WASD moves the camera.

Important Tips:

  • TRIGGORE is a multi-tasking game. You'll have to split your time between lighting candles, closing/shuttering doors and windows, mopping up gore, and finally killing freaky monsters.
  • You can swap your gun out with other items by using your right mouse button. Guns must be reloaded by interacting with ammo piles. It's a good idea to leave fully loaded guns lying around your trailer that you can swap to quickly.
  • The tool kit lets you barricade windows and doors. This stalls monsters greatly.
  • Early on, open as many drawers and cabinets as you can. You might find helpful items, such as healing chocolate.
  • Don't leave gore lying around on the floor. Use a mop to clean it up, otherwise blood monsters will spawn. (shadow monsters also spawn if too many candles are out.) If your mop is saturated with blood, use the pail to clean it.
  • The game is endless. Good luck! How many days in can you get? Tell me below!


Coding: Francis Coulombe

Art/voices: LumpyTouch

Music: askiisoft

Lumpy's YouTube channel of horrors!

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Very goog music and graphics

Coming back later to play

I'd love to play the game, but it's very difficult to enjoy it because I can't/don't know how to fullscreen.

Honestly i feel like the camera moving when you hover near the edges is a bit awkward as a lot of times i was trying to pick up an item but i accidentally scrolled away, somewhat possible to get used to it though at least. Also the mop changed it bloodiness kinda weirdly, like when it was fully clean the item sprite showed up as covered in blood and vice versa. I feel like some more sounds would probably be good, though the ones that are in the game are pretty good. It would also be very nice if the game over screen showed some stats, like monsters killed, time survived, chocolate eaten? Someone pointed out that you cant seem to continnue after you run out of matches and tools so that seems like a problem, though i cant actually check for myself since im too bad to actually live long enough to run out of them lol. I think a teeny tiny spec of light near your cursor even when youre not holding a match would be good, since if the matches are in the dark you kinda screwed. Overall very nice :)

muito bom kkk!!!

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2021
9:59 PM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • GameMaker Studio 2