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Chrestomanci: The Lives of Christopher Chant

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Welcome to a new world of wonders! Based on the acclaimed novel by Howl’s Moving Castle author Diana Wynne Jones, prepare to experience the first true UK-produced panacea for the next generation of anime entertainment. Get your daily dose of alternate universes, magic, nasty cats and a tiny dose of that infamous Gainax bounce. A boy undergoes a transformation in THE LIVES OF CHRISTOPHER CHANT.

I do not own Chrestomanci. Chrestomanci is the intellectual property of Diana Wynne Jones’ Estate and David Hume Associates.

Made with Art Set and iMovie.

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ae9996 responds:

This animation is based on a book. Trust me, things will be explained better there. I for my part tried to compress the entire thing into eight minutes, which may admittedly have added to the confusion. The final battle between Christopher and Uncle Ralph is not in the book; I merely added it for the sake of dramatic necessity and because of the cool image of a giant butterfly.