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Ursala and friends show

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The most constructive criticism we got on our spiderman and Elsa video was about the shotty sound recording... so what better way to teach ourselves how to edit sound with "Audacity" than by writing a musical with which to practice on! We also like to pepper songs into as many videos as we can which this video is a celebration of.

Since we never got to mention it, the main cast is supposed to be cartoon polar bears hence the hats they wear to stay warm. each of their names ends with "La" to commemorate the musical nature of their show.

Ursala is the main one with her name stemming from the Latin name Ursa meaning "little she-bear"

Dracula is the one with the purple bat wings on her head and was originally designed to have stitches on her face but I couldn't draw them small enough on the already tiny puppets without the ink from the sharpy bleeding too much

Priscilla is the one who wears the blue cat ears hat. I wanted to give her a raspy tomboy voice but as with every other bear, I couldn't flip between voices fast enough during the raps.

Isabella is the jester. her color scheme took the longest to decide but I like what we settled on (I had a baggie of all the crayons I used to stay on the color model so I reused as many as possible)

There was also a fifth one named nebula I straight up forgot to include she was supposed to accompany Priscilla in nursing which Is why Isabella stops by there before going to the children's ward. Her hat looked like the heartless from kingdom hearts and her bangs covered her eyes... sorry kid that's showbusiness.

We actually left a couple of references to our other videos in this if you can find them give'em a shout out

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Really Unique

ProOblio responds:

thank you lalahoney41. if you took that name because lalahoney 1-40 was taken just know that you are the best lalahoney. You are lalahoney1 in my book

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Jun 20, 2021
3:43 AM EDT