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ARMENIAN CARTOONS Abo & Karo Harut and more!

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I've been making animated shorts starring Abo, Karo, Harut and Sophik since 2005. This is a compilation of a lot of my animated shorts since then.

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This is gold...

Dude, this is the longest submission on the entire website by a long shot! Well, the longest movie. I mean, it literally is a movie! Okay, it's just a never ending compilation, but you really have broken new ground here. Hmm, that phrase sounds familiar. At first, I thought it would just be about Abo and Karo.

I'm glad you included Harut and Sophik too. I still consider "Neenja" to be the best series. You did repeat a couple of cartoons. You're so talented, I'm glad I got to see practically all of them! You really should market this as a feature length film like the "Klay World: Off The Table" movie.


modern day cartoon family shows wish they still had this type of humor.

i loved these shorts, i didnt even know you had a newgrounds!