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Touhou Project ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

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Bullet hell shitpost! 8 years ago, I promised someone to do a Touhou Project in a "Shellnut" on youtube, I love bullet hell games and Touhou is one of my favorites, sadly I lost my a bunch of my projects including that one. I decided to play it again, and like 8 years ago, I still having fun with it! And with that I got the inspirationg to make this! Hope you like it!

All Characters and music are owned by Team Shanghai Alice

Voices Reimu Hakurei - Santou Kei


Marisa Kirisame - MALTA https://twitter.com/MALTA_gaming

Backgrounds - Ana Pijamas https://twitter.com/ana_pijamas

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Delightful little cartoon. I particularly enjoy the wacky nature and the sound effects really add to it.