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Sven's American Adventure

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This is the first TWisTed and Stupid Cob production together. Expect to see many more in the future.

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Dude WTF!??!?!!

like actually i dont usually reply to videos but this was/is so horible i just had to.
cmon what was goin through your head when you made this or even posted it. did you not think peope would hate it or you would get bad reviews, i can look past the voices everyone else is commenting on but the time and effort that was spent on this was little to none, when someone really cares about their "art" itll show with the ammount of detail they put out. and it shows you really dont care. It would be half decent if you redid it, made it longer, and please spend some time on it.


Ok well i would have to advise a few things they can only help and make your skills better, the audio was abit low raise it up abit, make the buttons abit larger, add some color, and add more detail, well thats my input hope it helps...



Man, why don't you hit puberty or something your voice is really annoying like a little girl... damn GOD DAMN. FUCK YOU


WHat is this crap u suck! ANd what r u like 12 ur voice sounds like a friggin girl...!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha

stupidcob1 responds:

ok yea you just made an ass of your self because first sven is swedish and suposed to sound like a girl. secondly the other person is a girl fuck face!!

Man we got some stupid voters on NG

Wow! My movie got blammed and was much better then this, while this thing is horrible it has a score over 2! wow guys when tom said to give votes for effort he didnt mean for a pile of shit! geez morons learn how to vote.

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2003
12:38 PM EST

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