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Catch the Whole Bouquet to Catch the Man! In Bride, you are the brave Bridesmaid, eager to get married next! Catch the flowers to make a beautiful bouquet worthy of a blushing bride, but watch out for your rivals! They're grabby! Will you take the first suitor that comes along? Or will you wait for Mr. Right?


Hit any key to dismiss the instructions. The "1" key starts the game. Use the left and right arrow keys or the "A" and "D" keys to move. The "J", "Control", "Enter" and "Space" keys are used to catch flowers. 

When a suitor proposes, use the same keys you use to move to have the bridesmaid face towards (ready to accept) or away from (ready to reject) the would-be groom. Use the same keys you use to catch flowers to lock in your decision.

If you want the full Game & Watch experience, here's a link to the manual.


harry_lime wanted to test his mettle against the Game & Watch's 4-bit Sharp SM510 microcontroller, and I wanted to see if I could make art worthy of a Nintendo release and accurate for a Game & Watch with actual segments. This is as far as we know one of the last two games to be made to the original Game & Watch standard (the other we will be releasing soon to NG, Squeeze, which is NSFW).

If you're wanting to try out the game in MAME, please check out this post on AtariAge that has handy links to the ROM files and other resources.

Bonus Feature!

Wake up for school or work with BRIDE! If you want to use the Alarm feature, the "0" key can be used to set the time for the alarm and toggle it On/Off. To set the alarm, use any of the keys that move left to advance the hours and any of the keys that move right to advance the minutes. Press "5" to confirm the time. You must keep your computer from going to sleep and keep BRIDE running on your browser to use the Alarm (and have sound enabled!).

Thanks for playing and Enjoy!

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Great callback to the Game n Watch series and would make a fine addition to the original lineup back in the day! Absolutely LOVE IT!

KittyhawkMontrose responds:

Thank you for the high praise! I'm so glad you like it.