Alley of the Dolls Pt. 4

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This episode marks the fourth in the Dr. Shroud "Alley of the Dolls" storyline. Viewers at DrShroud.com get to vote what happens next with each installment, but you can only watch it here.



Very professional looking. Comic book like art and story. Excellent voices. Intriguing, stylish, artsy, this movie is quite entertaining. It's been awhile since you last sent pt.3. Glad you are still making these. Good work!!

awesome.. just awesome

there you go man
great work!!!!!

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With animation that great it's tough to complain. There wasn't much in the form of violence, the fight was basically a punch. The whole story I don't know, but I'll check out the past few soon enough. The voices were damn good, but the actual villains don't seem so tough. As for the hero, he looks like the guy in "The Shadow." Lack of action is probably the reason it's not getting a ten. As for what happens next (it says "you decide") I'd have the dolls turn on him...that'd be bad ass.

Didnt enjoy it.

I didnt enjoy this much. Maybe cos its 3:00am however I have voted it fairly. I found this boring and a bit slow at times however the animation and illustration was amazing! the voices of the characters were spot on too. The whole movie had a classic superhero feel to it. In the morning I may consider looking at the previous 3 parts. Whole thing was very well done but im afraid it just wasnt my thing.

Maybe If this was done In a flash-comic style thing with partly animated windows It would be better, That way rather than judging how long something takes to happen (like when Dr Shroud is tied up and the doll is moving towards him) the reader can just read it at his/her own pace. Im starting to go on a bit now, Maybe its time for bed!

I gave interactivity a 0 because I couldnt remember If there was any In It. I appologise If there was any.

All the best


All the best


Amazing piece of artistry

This is by far one of the best pieces of animation I have ever seen. I have to go back to watch the previous episodes! Great movie!

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3.87 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2003
8:53 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 25, 2003