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Pico's Walk (Loop)

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Pico goes on a walk on this the day of his birth.

Just started out as an anim test for fun, then decided to turn it into something for Pico Day!

There's so much more stuff I'd like to reference but then I'd have to had made this already lengthy BG pan like 6 times longer : P

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Man, i agree with @OurWorld-DevTeam i’m tired of all this newgrounds content. And why does most of it come on may 1st? Is that some kind of important day or something?? Anyways its all the same. Newgrounds this newgrounds that. Everyone on this shit site is so up their own asses about this random video dump’s “”culture”” that they keep forgetting that in reality this site (im hesitant to even call it one, its so bad) that hasnt been relevant since the late 2000’s.

I'm proud of myself for getting almost every reference here

I like the letters spelling out Newgrounds as he walks by :)

I luv it . It gives that old newgrounds feel Wich I always.🙂