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Film Gelch: The Odyssey of uh Fappin' Off

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Fim Gitch is trying to tickle his pickle when he is interrupted by uhh YOU KNOW WHO.

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The first two caricatures you drew are great lol, I don't know why this is rated at 2 stars

www-auggy-gov responds:

lol thanks man! I think two stars is pretty fair. Typically people don't love low effort stuff on NG and this is about as low effort as it gets. They wanna see you squeeze yourself like a lemon and make the best work you can! Which I think is badass! I have a new toon comin' down the pipe which is gonna have a bit more production value than this. Stay tuned. B>)

Umm yeah pretty accurate but uh got part a biiiiiit off and that was my length but haha yeah will let that slide 5/5

FelmG responds:

well haha i guess my record is a biiiiiiit steep to be beliebered but yeah check Guinezs Book Of BIg Numbers and youll see me ruuuuuuiight at the tippy top

www-auggy-gov responds:

uuhhhh, I didn't think you could F A P for longer than that but, alright... Keep lying on the internet I guess, see where that gets you.