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Fetch Quest

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You were playing fetch with your best friend when he suddenly vanished. You're on the trail, you're going to get him back. Hurry!


Keyboard (QWERTY)

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Bark/Throw Ball/Interact
  • S - Drop/Pick up ball


  • Up/Down/Left/Right - Move
  • A - Jump
  • B - Bark/Throw Ball/Interact
  • Y - Drop/Pick up ball

NOTE: Due to a bug, Xbox1 controllers have to use the control stick to move. Accidentally tapping the control pad will bring up an annoying TIC-80 menu. If you'd prefer to play the game with this bug fixed, try the itch version. (The bugfix doesn't work on Newgrounds for whatever reason.)

If you'd like a different experience, turn on Double Jump mode! 

You can turn on Double Jump mode by holding X (A key) and pressing [Up]. This mode will grant you a second jump mid-air after regular jumps and wall jumps. High scores will be marked with a Double Jump icon if you had it on at any time during the run.

Double Jump mode can also be used for another speedrun category as best times are stored separately!

Has your ball disappeared or is unreachable?

Never fear! Ancient canine magic is available to you! Simply hold X (S key) and press [Down] and your ball will be teleported to your feet. But beware, a full 3 minute time penalty will be applied. All magic comes at a cost!

Art: Lumpy

Programming: jf1x

Music: Larner

Join the Fetch Quest Discord server to post your best times and discuss the game.

Listen to the game's soundtrack.

Watch the game's trailer.

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I must say that this is a really cool game that started innocent and lovable to evolve into something more disturbing. I love it but what I liked the most were the challenges at the castle especially starting from "jump of the faith". There it became even more interesting and challenging. I liked a lot the simple 2-D graphic of the platform game but I could also admire details of the background, I loved the shading and texture that gave a nice realistic effect.

Sadly I didn't get the secret ending, and the normal ending was heartbreaking especially after the dog's efforts. I will replay it again because I want to test my skills and unlock the secret ending. I will definitely explore other games of yours because they look intriguing and mix disturbing elements with high artistic creativity. Keep it up!

the ice physics after the herb made me quit out immediately ngl lol BUT this was a dope experience and a very cool game.

great game!

Whoever made this game is an asshole. It hooks you in with a cool story and nice graphics but the gameplay is next to impossible. My fingers are tired from spamming the left and right arrow keys lmao.

Glitch: if you jump out the very top of that bloody tower with the floating face you are in a soft lock with your camera pointed at a beginning.

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2021
7:34 PM EDT