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TD-The New Batch

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Let's see who we'll be dealing with for the next three years of school, shall we?

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Let's face the reality... There's nothing to say here, Dave. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! ;o)

Raziberry responds:

Killed people?

Out of the 46 students separated in to 2 uneven classes back when I was getting my Graphic Design degree (seriously, Initially there were 32 in my class and 14 in the other class which started 2 months after us because they waited until the damn last minute to fill as many seats as possible in vain), we were 34 to get our degrees... and 4.5 to get a job directly related to it. (Me being the 0.5 because I had to start my own business to be hired temporarely as a subcontractor at a wage that was basically, in the end, below minimum wage for 2 years in the beginning.) 1 won a contest which involved a job as a reward. Another got a job in a shop that was focusing on photography (he was damn skilled in it). And the last one started his own website company with 2 of his old friends (each skilled in a different field) while he was still in our class. (Ironically, he hated making website in the beginning because he couldn't understand anything about it and me, being a model student with tons of knowledge, helped him turning his hate into love.
Yeah, I was so much into helping the other student that, by the middle of the first year, some students though I was some sort of teacher's assistant or junior or whatever. I was helping about half of the class while the teacher was helping the other half as I was taking barely a 1/3 of the allocated time to fulfill the tasks with, usually, one of the highest grade. No I wasn't paid for it and, at some point, I was requested by one teacher to stop helping the other students in her classes because it was undermining her authority in her mind. (She couldn't stop the others students from asking me questions though.)

Why are there 16 people in the photo where you say "the 15 of us" and 15 people in the photo where you say "the 14 of us"?

Raziberry responds:

Cause the one on the bottom right is our teacher. This image is a visual reference to the film Battle Royale.


Awesome video, as always. Looking forward to how this develops.

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Apr 9, 2021
11:34 AM EDT