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copperwatch v1

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- 1st Level we can drop pretty far without much effort, and it had a certain distance cap.
- In the 2nd level, I can literally see components under where we spawn that I can't get to.
- Also in the 2nd level it seems like the gas kills us, but then later it just makes us faster.
- about half the time, when i walk off a platform, it takes nearly 4 blocks for my character to register a jump, there's something wonky there. It happens almost always on the slanded 45 degree platforms. Also walking off a platform.
- Standing still on a 45 degree slanded platform and jumping doesn't actually let me jump.
- The invisible boundaries on the 2nd level are WAY too constricting for movement. Half the time it seems like could fall onto a ledge below and be safe, but I die from invisible barriers. My suggestion would be to remake the level with actual walls and platforms, or make the entire 2nd level taller so the normal fall distance death trigger comes into play.
- Death by world keeps your items, however death by rat does not keep any items you've gotten up to that point on that specific run.
- Jumping under and hitting your head on "Fast Gas" blocks speeds up your character still. This seems like a glitch because it kept throwing my character over a platform at the bottom of the map.
- Bug where I sometimes Keep my "super jump" ability even though i'm walking through "slow gas"
- Maybe there should be a player sprite for left and right movement, it's a little weird when i run left, after i stop i turn 180.
- The first time I hear music is on world 3
- Personally I think the invisible blocks especially in world 3 are super super annoying. I like this game, it's got a lot of charm to it. And I think maybe not EVERY single platform has to be a challenge, it's ok to have walls and boundaries sometimes. But world 3 is way too complicated by invisible blocks, especially since I can't look down before i just walk off a cliff. It makes this level so unplayable that I nearly quit. Which is a shame, because being the first level with music, makes it seem special, like something plot related is about to reveal itself.
- There are a LOT of blocks/platforms in level 3 when i touch the side of them I instantly die.
- I'm done. I've been at level 3 for almost an hour. And I can't get out of that room. The last big jump platform in the middle of the room has a flat platform that i can't get beyond or on, and touching the areas around it kills me. I tried. I like the game, I really do, but there are so many glitches that need to be fixed. And you can't get on the last top block on level 3.

It's a really cool concept, but you're sending some very confusing signals on world mechanics and so I wind up just dying from trial and error

I appreciate that dying keeps items you've already collected. This is a really important feature!

Please get fixed ASAP. Biggest items are randomly touching sides kills you, invisible walls ruin this game, and unresponsive jump mechanic when you walk off a platform.

Good Luck! This could be a very charming little game.

Credits & Info

1.78 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2021
6:30 PM EDT