Flyin' High

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This was actually one of the most ambitious projects I've ever made. My friends and I have been looking for something that we could all work together on for a long time now, something fun we could do together in about a couple of weeks and look back to with smiles on our faces.

So of course I went overboard and sketched an entire music video.

But that was the least I could creatively do, since right from the start I fell in love hard with this idea, and so did everybody else I showed the animatic to. I raced along with everyone to start production and I actually made my hardest effort ever to direct and make this clip a reality. Entire days and weeks of non-stop working, organizing, testing, crunching, managing and all of those little stories that come before anything even sees the light.

I honestly believe we did a pretty good job. I thank everyone who worked with us these past couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward for everyone's opinions :)

I wanna funkin' die now.

UPDATE: Resynced the audio a little bit. I was so sleep deprived I didn't check well enough before

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