Fei Long vs Strawberry(?)

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Okay, somethings I'd like to clear up before you view this:
Fei Long is from Super Street Fighter II
StrawberryClock is the king to all clocks
I do not hate them, I just thought I would make this funny movie, and you don't know what the hell is going to happen in episode 2.
Before you press the play button make sure it's fully loaded!
I made this flash for my friends, and I am deciding to submit it here. Yay.

It will make people who hate, love, or who are clocks happy(hopefully).
Changed B to the color RED
Gun sound for GrapeClock's gun
Changed StrawberryClock's voice to his actual voice.


Haha... Strawberry clock sucks

He gets what he deserved! hahaha! awesome.

Ian-The-Archer responds:

^^; Thanks, also I told you your movie would get a daily feature! ^^;

I love clocks.

As being a clock-lover, I loved almost all of this flash! Almost, you ask? Well, the only thing I prefer not to watch is animals being killed. Soo, just that part with grapeclock! Tee-hee....
You killed my flash! lol...... Kills me...

Ian-The-Archer responds:

Thanks -- also, that was not a real animal being killed, it was a cyborg squirrel with a free text voice simulator 5.0 planted in it. But other then that, thanks again :D!

This movie owns my life.

Cuz it does. o.o

Ian-The-Archer responds:

I'll take your word for it. ^^


I hate people who blam a good movie... fuck you all this rulez... keep up the good work man! YEAH

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Ian-The-Archer responds:

Yeah that's right man, power to the people, death to the idiots. You rock dude! Thanks!

Heh, Great Movie.

Woah, Nice Movie! Worthy of a Pardoy section! Fei Long rules and the fight scene was... KEWL!

Ian-The-Archer responds:

Thanks for the comment.
I agree, Fei Long DOES rule! ^^
And yeah, it should be in an Video Game Parodies section o.o
But it's not, oh well. >.<

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2003
10:00 AM EST
Comedy - Parody