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Spectrum Speedrun

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Author Comments

What is Spectrum Speedrun?

Spectrum Speedrun is a Fast-Paced, 2D Platformer game i made that lets you play as a character that can change into 6 colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet. 

 Each Color has its own unique skill:

 Red = Able to jump on Red Platforms

Orange = Double Jump

Yellow = Acceleration and Slow Fall

Green = Wall Climb

Blue = Immune to Traps but slowed

Violet = Dash


5 Levels

1 Skin

Unique Mechanic

Level Editor

Retro Graphics

A Few Easter Eggs

High Score System

Replay System to Replay your Speedrun Moments!

Control Configuration

Not used with the controls?

You can manually configurate youre controls, In-game, or in the Menu Screen

With the character being able to switch between colors, and skills, this can lead to some unique and challenging gameplay. This game also has a Highscore mechanic which lets you Challenge yourself and beat your own Highscore, either yourself or your friends. This game is especailly designed for speedrunners with fast hand coordination, so if youre a speedrunner or even just a gamer who's looking for a challenge, why not try this game? It would really help me out, and if you could give the game some feedback i would really appreciate it, you can also do bug reports on the games discord server.

This game is still new so theres a few bugs, and there only 5 levels, for now. I would really appreciate it if you could give the game some feedback on the itch page, and report some bugs as well in the discord server. I will only develop this game on my freetime, as im still 13 and i need to attend school, developing would be so much easier if i have more funds, so if you have a dollar or two consider donating some funds, it would really help me alot :) For More Updates about the game, consider following my twitter.

Join my Discord for  for Announcements, Bug report, Feedback, and Suggestions about the Game.

Follow me on Twitter for stuff :)

also check out the game on Itch.io

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cool idea, and i only made it to the second level before i decided to call it (lol). the keyboard doesn't really seem to fit the controls of this game that well, it's kind of impossible to have everything within reach comfortably (ex. the home and pgup keys are across the keyboard from the arrow keys on my keyboard). also, the tutorial doesn't actually give the correct button prompts for blue, so i had to go into the pause menu to figure out that blue was numpad 5, which is a key that i don't have. i ended up switching blue to down, red to ; and yellow to . which i think is about as good as i could get it. i definitely like the idea and think with more comfortable controls i would have enjoyed it a lot more. i'm also not a speedrunner or anything so that certainly didn't help lol

H3Oof responds:

Thank you so much for playing the game, and giving feedback, i really appreciate it also the controls are actually just the num keys, but for some reason the code displays it as arrow keys or something, but its the same keys as numpad the left arrow is Num 4 right arrow Num 6 and so on, you will know what key it is by looking at youre keyboard, there actually arrows on the num keys, and theyre pretty much the same as arrow keys

Wow! What a gem this is! You have a working idea of 6 interchangeable powers to get through what are some pretty tricky puzzle platforms. This game can get cerebral quick, but after playing for about 15 minutes or so you start to get used to the controls.

(+) I love the concept!
(+) I love the difficulty of the levels, especially level 4 and 5 where I can use more preferred combos, but for speed runs there's definitely an optimum.
(+) I love that you can change the key bindings (for me went WASD + Number Pad)!
(+) I love the freshman graphics with senior level execution.

- Switching from yellow to blue kills your momentum, maybe this should be maintained.
- Wish there was a hair more friction while landing on platforms. I slid off soo many times, but then realized I wasn't really supposed to be on TOP of the platforms anyway.
- Would love to see more levels
- Would love to see future level with a hair more dimension. Right now there's basically 1 correct path, and a couple of ways I could get there. BUT you have the potential to have multiple paths, maybe easier ones take longer, but harder ones are for hardcore speed runners
- Might want to consider a "safe" practice area where we can jump and double jump and dash and practice some of the harder components of levels.
- You should get some help to make global/Newgrounds high score tracking. This is a legitimately difficult speed-runner, and beating these levels fastest deserves tracked bragging rights, even finishing a level with no deaths deserves merit.

Great Job! I hope you add some more to this.

Also, I wrote you a poem inspired by this game.

Everything is dull and gray...
Bored again another day...
Guess I'll walk around a bit...
Same ol' thing as yesterday...

Jumping over spiky traps.
Death awaits with one mishap.
Ugh! This place is just the worst...
I could be at home having a nap...

But what is this I see afar.
Some shape, not grey, its too bizarre.
I can't describe how it makes me feel.
Is it a fallen star?

I come upon this thing so strange.
Being so close, I feel myself change.
This sensation never felt before... is color!
And now, everything... is different.

I feel power rushing through my veins.
Nothing will ever be the same.
Inside, a nameless knowledge gains
I somehow know I can traverse through flame.

I feel a strength washing over me
As if there always be solid terrain
RED places now I can see
Floating platforms? This is insane!

My body yearns to bound about.
Compelled to push my limits.
One jump, now two in midair route.
ORANGE seems to me jump pits.

Faster. Faster? Faster! How?
I must appear a YELLOW blur.
Impossible speed my body allows.
But this amazing feeling, I prefer.

A wall too high to double jump.
My body says I cannot fail.
Straight into the wall, I feel a thump.
And with GREEN compulsion I climb and scale.

A pit of spikes I can't traverse.
A barrier I've always known.
Yet BLUE calm makes the fear disperse.
I cross the thorns unharmed, but alone.

A narrow gap in midair hangs
My other powers fail
But still I charge, no... I dash!
And VIOLET might prevails.

I have to wonder how.
With these powers I endow.
What should I do now.
Be a hero and make a vow?

But now I shall explore
Push my limits even more
Until my shoes are tore
Until my muscles wore
All limits I'll ignore
All Combos I'll Implore
More gemstones I'll quest for
And through the sky I'll soar
Into a world never seen before
Just like the majestic carcharodontosaur

H3Oof responds:

Thank you so much for giving feedback, you might not know this but the default controls are actually num keys, but the code displays it as arrow keys or something, you will know what key it is by looking at youre keyboard, some num keys actually have arrows in them, and theyre pretty much the same as arrow keys, thats why the game displays it as arrow keys, also nice poem btw, really appreciate the effort you did in making this.

very fun and a neat concept!! the text is slightly small and hard to read, but thets really my only criticism

H3Oof responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback, maybe ill add an option on font size in the future

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2021
6:36 AM EST
  • Krita
  • SFXR
  • Construct 2