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Six Ghosts

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3/7/21 ** NOTE PLAYERS ** A issue was discovered with the ZODIAC puzzle after Room 6! The current, incorrect solution begins with S (Scorpio). Then the rest of the correct Zodiac Signs. V (Virgo) is the correct sign as planned but was not coded correctly.

If you use S/G/T/P/A now, the lock will work. ** EDIT now being done ** Thank you, player for contacting me!

My apologies to the winners.



Summerville Estates has been known worldwide as the spiritual capital and center for ghostly haunts and psychic experiences since 1899. It has also been known for a number of vanishing guests who had visited the resort and were never seen again. The current director of Summerville, Madam Melna, has invited you to test your powers, as have all guests been before, within the dark rooms and corridors. An offer of 1 million dollars is given to disprove the reputation of Summerville - if you survive the night. Your invitation has been delivered. Will you accept Madam Melna's challenge?

"Six Ghosts" is a supernatural point-n-click horror game created for our Flash Vault "Source Code" Edition using Clickteam's Fusion 2. Fusion 2 now allows multiple exports from one native source file to every platform in popular use-from Windows PC, Flash, HTML5, Android and IOS and MAC.

Flash Vault Project: http://archeonmedia.com/page14.html

Flash Vault Source Code Edition: http://archeonmedia.com/page19.html

Archeon Media: http://archeonmedia.com/index.html

Archeon Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Archeon-Media-710540368976636/

Our Stop Motion http://archeonmedia.com/page15.html

Our first HTML5 game, with some better game mechanics and scripting but still keeping within confines of the point and click genre. Keep developments on tap as we are getting ready to finish Room 333 and The Doll in the same HTML5 format. 

Rolando Gutierrez

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Movement is very difficult. I cannot go back to the previous room. Having arrows on the bottom for going back would make this game a lot more playable.

ArcheonMedia responds:

Thanks for playing. Walkthough is coming shortly.

Unfortunately, I got stuck after completing the mazes on the tablet. I have no idea what to do with the box thing to unlock the door and even after replaying it to see if I missed anything, still have no idea. If the solution or even the way to the solution for that puzzle could be more clear that would be wonderful!

ArcheonMedia responds:

The clues are in the spirit writing on the wall previous to each puzzle. If you are referring to completing first Ipad and maze game when the 4 box lock puzzle presents itself, the ***spoiler alert*** clue was 'a box in each room'. That means click the boxes in each square until it goes down from 3 boxes to 1 box. The lock will automatically open after this is done. A walkthrough is coming. Thanks for playing.