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My Tiny Empire

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Author Comments

25/2/2021 - Small browser rts game that I started working on a week ago. Will be updating and adding more as time come. My plan is to release 1 new mission each week until the the story is over and than polish and make a rerelease as a stand alone. All feedback are welcome and appreciated.

09/3/2021 - Updated with -Fog of War -Mini map - Zooming option With mouse wheel.

10/3/2021 - 2 bug repair -Bug 1 spotted from 3p0ch when units died while selected they wouldn't be cleaned from the listing of selected unit and would make the movement impossible afterward due to the list trying to access the missing game object, the units now remove themselves from the list clearing that bug. -Bug 2 cant click on unit to select, bug happened after introducing the fog of war, a ray cast would hit the fog instead of the unit making it impossible to hit the unit. Applied a layer mask to ignore the fog and focus only on units for the ray fixing the bug.


 General Update: 

 -Added Quest Mark in minimap for Main Objective

-When using the attack move (R + Right Click) the floor pointer change color to red to reflect the command

Bug Fix:

-Adjusted Camera Zoom Range to avoid being able to see through fog of war

-Fixed a bug where the Hero couldn't walk complet the last quest of the level

-Fixed a bug where when going full screen part of the minimap would go out of screen

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Seems like a decent concept, curious to see what you'll do with it in the future. Only 2.5 stars for now because it seems unlikely that you'll ever actually continue, and the game, as it is currently, is extremely short.

Hey, nice little project of yours. i look forward to see where it will go.

I have a suggestion: if you move around with the arrow keys, you might end up loosing track of where the character is, so I'd suggest you'd implement pressing F to centralize the camera back on the character.

kyshama responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback, I added a mini map and zooming option for now that should help to find all units when lost, I tough of adding the press button to insta fix camera on unit but the problem was what unit to zoom into. Ill probably still add it later on for the main unit/hero to find him easily.

It has a killer bug -- After he says I should probably go back and give the news to the townsman, it doesn't let me move around anymore. If I open Developer Tools / Console it says there's a null reference exception (object reference not set to an instance of an object), both when the last bandit dies, and again after the end of conversation after the last bandit dies. Granted, I think I had that error come up a lot in my first Unity game and I never cared because that alone won't crash the game, but it might be a clue to why I can't move anymore.

Aside from that, the game looked kinda neat while it was playable.

kyshama responds:

Hey thanks for letting me know, I tried to reproduce the bug on my end during play but couldn't. Ill keep try searching directly in the script it might be during my looping process when it tries finding enemy to attack.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2021
1:43 AM EST