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Blam Unit VS

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Author Comments

Click on the screen when the game starts to play in fullscreen.

Download, source code, and music: https://gamejolt.com/games/blamunit/583791

(If you like this, consider downloading it. It’s a more stable way of playing, and will help me out more in the long run.)

Sequel: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/848574

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Thank you for playing Blam Unit VS! Here are some instructions:

Let's start with controls:

Arrow Keys: Move/Select

Z: Attack/Confirm

X: Shield

LShift: Switch weapon

H: Pause the game

Enter/Return: Confirm/Skip cutscene

C: Heal

Space/A: Jump

Moving on, let's discuss the types of attacks:

Karate chop: Short range, comes out fast, all around a good choice for most enemies

Spin: Lets you attack in horizontal directions. You have to press either the left or right key as well as z to use it.

Teleport: Makes you temporarily invincible and lets you teleport a short distance. This doesn't do damage.

Shield: Forces enemies away from you.

Blowtorch: Lets you attack from a long range. You can't move while using it.

Sonic boom: Hurts all enemies in a radius.

Finally, how do you play?

Enemies will come in from the right side of the screen, kill them all to advance! It's that simple!

Don't forget to look for secrets!


Art, music, programming, basically everything- WizBlob(me).

Programs Used:

Gdevelop 5

Google slides











Donkey Kong

Mega Man

Smash Bros

Plants Vs Zombies

! It is worth noting that version 1.0 of this game was originally released on February 8, 2021 and was uploaded here at a later date to make it available to more people. !

That's all I have to say. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the game!


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keep making games, dont give up

Pretty cool. Not really seeing any issues. Did dock a star for 2 issues though.
1. It's not very clear how you use the spin attack
2. Enemies can really crowd the screen sometimes.
Other than that nice work.

WizBlob responds:

Disclaimer: This review is from an IRL friend who used a throwaway account to review this.

idk where to start... you need to reduce the amount of enemies on screen and think about reworking almost all the attacks. spin doesnt work. teleport kills everything on screen by just holding z. oh yeah and i keep getting hit by enemies when trying to karate chop them because their hitbox is so small and they move so fast.. oh and if you spam the arrow keys while doing an attack it spams the attack and you can kill the enemies that are spawning in your lane but nothing else because as soon as i try to move the enemies in that lane hit me and kill me... anyways tl:dr please rework the game i like it and i wanna see a playable version the style is really really nice and the music and sound effects are killer.... just fix the gameplay parts xD

WizBlob responds:

Hi. Thanks for your feedback.
I know I'm a bazillion years late on this but I wanted to take everything you said into consideration. Attacks have been reworked, teleport isn't OP anymore, and I reduced the amount of enemies. I hope this improves your experience at least a little bit.

This game is mega man being watched from above.

WizBlob responds:

Disclaimer: This review is from an IRL friend who intended this to be a throwaway account.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2021
5:43 PM EST
  • GDevelop 5