Project X Episode 2

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Well i have finished the second episode...it's around 4:30 minutes long...i tried to make it better than the first one so i hope all of you who saw the first episode like it...i tried not to mess up with the text this time..so i dont think anyone would have a problem reading it...oh and i am really sorry about the file size...i hope you enjoy the second part..i dont know when the third one will be finished...second semester in college starts next week so i'll be very busy...thanx

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Sweet job

Sweet job dude... this relly ownz... looking forward to the next episode...
btw text is much better in this one than in the last one.

CheveLoco responds:

i'll probably be done sooner than expected but i am not sure yet...and yeah i fixed the text..i got a lot of complains about that..:P

Nice work there

I like your style. It's very cool with an anime feel to it, but have you ever tried rounding your noses off a little more. They seemed really pointy to me and that was a bit distracting. This is only a suggestion though, so if you prefer them pointy more power to you my friend. You're a very good artist, and a pretty good animator as well. I'm still not fully grasping the story and I worry that people may lose interest in your series if they feel too lost. I know you wanted to wait 5 episodes or whatever to explain things but try to drop a few extra hints and stuff so that we don't feel like we're on the outside of an inside joke. As far as voices, I think they'd be a great addition. I'm sure that you can find people to voice for you, several have offered to me (though this was after i'd already done all my voices myself, lol). Look into the idea of voices with an open mind cause i really think you should go for it. Hope to see more soon. Peace.

CheveLoco responds:

hehehe..yeah i know the pointy noses...just the style i am using for this cartoon...and i have decided to make it 4 and not 5 episodes..basically cuz of what u mentioned..that people may lose interest...in the next episode the story will be completely explained...so there won't be any doubts...and about the voices..hehe..i'll think about it..gotta find the right people..:P..thanx for ur comments..

awesome movie, but...

could you add character voices to the next episode? it would make it a lot better.
the movie is great though

CheveLoco responds:

I have thought of adding voices..but i dont do it just cuz of one reason...voice acting can either make a movie way better..or make it look like crap..take Vampire Hunter INA as an example..great art..great story..but that's been really criticized because it's voice acting is nowhere as good as the rest of the movie..that's what keeps me thinking about if i should add voice..

Muy bien!

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Loved it. Great Graphics, waiting for the next one to see where this story goes.

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Jan 16, 2003
7:23 AM EST