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The Guardian of Olmec

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This is my 2nd HTML5 game on Newgrounds!

Use the mouse to control Olmec

Sounds effects from Findsounds.com

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Pretty good, I love the clay style and music but there is no menu and everytime you die you have to start over from the first level? Kinda annoying ngl. Also some of the enemies seem to disappear and then reappear somewhere else (or I'm going crazy, idk) but they're hard to locate sometimes, hiding near the tree-barrier thingies and all. Overall a game I would (and did) play for like 5 minutes and then never come back...

i could not find a pause buton but otherwise cool game!

Hmm, bit of a mixed-bag with this one. On one hand, it doesn't have a good first impression with a very ugly-looking thumbnail/title screen. Also, it's a bit confusing to figure out how the game works at the start with no instruction or anything. I gotta say though, once you actually get into the game, it is actually a bit fun to roll around crashing into things, setting up combos and such! However, unfortunately the fun didn't last too long as I suffered a lot of glitches: pirates getting stuck in geometry so I couldn't kill them which blocked me from beating the level, music would randomly stop playing, the intro sound effect for each level is ear-screeching loud, and so on. I think the game does have a certain charm to it with the unique clay graphics and the like: if everything else was polished up it could be a solid game, but at the moment, it's a bit too clunky for me.

I like clay graphics, I dunno why it has so low rating. Keep working bro!

best game