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Muwun Miner

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Muwun Miner

Smash and dash your way across different moons while mining gems and dodging evil spikies!


Muwun Miner was a week long project I created with my girlfriend, bittr <3. It was originally meant for just teaching her coding and game dev, but we liked it so much, it became a larger project than intended.

How to play

Mine gems by slamming into them to get points, and closely dodge the spikies to get a near miss and increase your score multiplier.


  • W or UP ARROW to smash upward
  • S or DOWN ARROW to smash downward
  • Hold in either direction to dash

Made with p5.js and NENES

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Nice classic

So I say classic because of the mechanics and makes it a fun game that brings back old memories from yesteryear, the sprite and pixel elements really make this fun so nice graphics, I wouldnt mind more effects happening

maybe more flashy effects


i like how you have to change the gravity to survive

Great adictive game! I loved trying to get near misses (there should be a high score table at the end). It needs music and sfx!

I like how the cat bounces, it's very silly and fun; also, I think the game would benefit a lot from sound effects to give more feedback : )