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octopus (oubliette #5)

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Author Comments

"octopus" has three endings, but I unfortunately didn't have enough time during the jam to make anything interesting happen after you get them. The three of them are each interesting in their own way to accomplish, so hopefully the lack of any conclusion doesn't bum you out too much :)

It's #5 in my ongoing series of "oubliettes" which I don't have up on Newgrounds yet. This is my first upload to NG in like a decade; hi! It's nice (and weird) to be back!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this was made for a game jam last year for the theme "Out of Control", so there is a lot that happens that is out of your control by design! I completely understand it makes the game experience feel weird and possibly bad... whether that makes you like the game more or less is up to you, haha. Thanks for the reviews! Lookin forward to reading more.

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I like the look and feel of pixelated games, but it would be much better if I know what I am doing and why. A simple grab and release button would have improved it much.

I can't fucking save quote from drowning oh shid of fug

I have no idea what is happening

Maybe it's good. But the way the octupus keep grabbing not needed things and keep dropping coins is just annoying. I tried to feed the Cave Story guy but just gave up cuz it just became annoying.

I got stick in the depth 5/5

Droqen responds:

you get it