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octopus (oubliette #5)

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Author Comments

"octopus" has three endings, but I unfortunately didn't have enough time during the jam to make anything interesting happen after you get them. The three of them are each interesting in their own way to accomplish, so hopefully the lack of any conclusion doesn't bum you out too much :)

It's #5 in my ongoing series of "oubliettes" which I don't have up on Newgrounds yet. This is my first upload to NG in like a decade; hi! It's nice (and weird) to be back!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this was made for a game jam last year for the theme "Out of Control", so there is a lot that happens that is out of your control by design! I completely understand it makes the game experience feel weird and possibly bad... whether that makes you like the game more or less is up to you, haha. Thanks for the reviews! Lookin forward to reading more.

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This game really needs a tutorial. That would help what the player knows what exactly is going on and what to do. The graphics have their own kind of vibe. Since the medals were removed the game is not as fun.

What is Quote doing here though

Droqen responds:



Kind of a platformer style with water the concept is nice, I like that you have medlas on here but think you could ad even more medal options. I thought this was a really cool game. There was alot of nifty and entertaining elsements and things everywhere in this one, allthough you could add some stuff and cleanup some areas, for the mostpart this cameout pretty good. you have Accuratley made a fun and exciting game.

I like that you have medlas on here but think you could ad even more medal options.


Um...maybe it's good? I have no idea what the hell is going on. As best as I could tell, maybe the objective is to collect the coins in that thingy, but since the trash is constantly filling up the world and blocking off paths, you need to strategize and improvise the best way to collect coins: do you race to grab them before the trash blocks you off or do you instead block the trash at the root with a block to keep the paths clear in the first place? Or maybe you just wait for the water to rise and get coins in a new sector when it's accessible? Is, uh, that what I need to do? I gotta admit, despite the game being incredibly aimless and frustrating to play at times, it was kinda interesting to figure out what, if anything at all, is happening? I think a lot of people will just walk away from this, but I'm a little intrigued to go back and figure it out. I dunno though: as much as maybe this is something that is probably intentionally vague, it might not be for the best. I mean, there's something to be said for at least giving us a general goal or explaining controls: as much as this game might want to be all minimalist and artistic and such, I've seen a lot of other games do a better job of being minimalist while not alienating the player by at least designing subtle directions into the gameplay. I dunno, it's a headscratcher and it's making me ramble, so cheers for that, haha!

How do you actually do anything in this game? I can't find a single key (except for ESC/H) that would have any effect on the game...

Droqen responds:

Hmm this sounds like a bug... when you press ENTER it should start the game, and then once you're an octopus you should be able to move around using WSAD/ARROWS. Let me know if that works for you?

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2021
3:13 AM EST