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Apeirozoic: Create Your Hybrid Creatures

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Welcome to Apeirozoic: Create Your Hybrid Creatures!

In this card game packed with epic dinosaurs, whales, elephants, and mythical monsters, you are challenged with the objective to rule this world by defeating powerful enemies for the fate of the world. Using a mythical device, you now have the power to "merge" animals and create chimera hybrids, better than any of their predecessors.

Fight with 1,000,000,000+ powerful HYBRID animal creature cards, collect awesome aquatic, aerial, or terrestrial animals, EVOLVE your animal hybrid creatures, and unlock a wide variety of notorious ancient animals, like the mighty t-rex and Woolly Mammoth, and MYTHICAL monsters like the Cyclops and the Phoenix.

This Strategy Evolution CCG includes several battle game modes, such as campaign, evolution but also a local multiplayer PVP mode to test your animal hybrids in an ultimate <b>challenge against your friends!

This game is not your typical CCG game: it is not turn-based, but REAL-TIME! This makes the game really fresh and stands out from the crowd in this genre. Unlock new traits for your hybrids by combining more animals, which give them unique strategic elements during battles. Apeirozoic is all about creativity in creating the best hybrid animals, skill & timing during the card battles, and managing your ultimate deck for the long term meta-game!

Features of Apeirozoic:

⭐ 1 BILLION+ possible Hybrid animal cards

⭐ Tons of CREATURES such as T-rex, Mammoth, whales, FOX

⭐ CREATE hybrids, tribrids, quadbrids, pentabrids and hexabrids!

⭐ Dozens of ABILITIES to strategize

⭐ ORGANIZE the order of your Hybrid armies

⭐ STRATEGIZE against a Dynamic AI

⭐ PVP Battles via Multiplayer Versus Mode

⭐ CCG features: collect, upgrade, evolve your hybrids

⭐ TCG features: donate hybrids to friends

⭐ Truly fascinating hybrid animal COMBOS!

Join our discord server https://discord.gg/pfhtM38 !

Originally created on Itch: https://kenoma.itch.io/apeirozoic

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I really need some tips for level 9 on death flyers

Glitchy as of right now, my main issues are that when I select a body to use in the creature creator, I can't select another as it won't register, also when switching from one section of the game (levels, fusing, or deckbuilding), it blacks out the game screen and I am unable to do anything until I reload. I enjoy the game a lot however, but the section when crows are introduced gets rather difficult, currently I am playing through shell shock and will update this as I play further.

Update 1: I have now beaten shell shock and will say there is a far less steep learning curve in this set of levels compared to Death Flyers, not a bad thing, just an observation. The glitches previously mentioned are still happening as far as I can tell.

Update 2: My save file must've corrupted and now I must restart, maybe it was due to inactivity on the game, I will play through again however and continue to update after that

actually, this is really good! the game swings and jives with animation, feels really polished, and seems to work pretty well! excellente job, op! <3

Wow this is actually one of the best games I've played in here ! I would 100% play this on my phone if I could. You can definitely see the amazing potential of deck building !

Interesting game...reminds me of Heathstone but the mutative element is fascinating. I was having some issues understanding which body parts would yield which benefits to the mutated creature, although I suppose that was part of the challenge. I understood each base creature's benefits and special abilities, but deciding if I should use the ant legs versus the thorax when combined with the goat's head, etc., that was difficult to optimize. By the time I got to the flyer boss, I was fairly flummoxed! The challenge seems to mount exponentially based on the new enemy strategies which precede your own access. Really nice game.