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Castlevania SoTN Alt End

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Alternate Ending

Alucard battles to the end with Dracula once again!

p.s. Lighten up you Alucard purists! Its just a parody!:)

Dialogue box graphic by Dynakyris


Life changing

Never before in the histroy of cinima have i seen such emotion, such written fortatude, such greatness as i have seen in this film. Deep with in my bowels i ache as the pain that thease men go through. Emotion, emotion, emotion, o why god have you made human emotions so po-ta-nent. I cry, i laugh, i smear the cream across my skinas it heals the rash that festers on my arm. I smell what can only be described as sweet, juicy flowers as my eyes begin to welt with tears of joy and pain. This film has all that it takes to be a classic. An equil if not better then tom sellick. Zenxin, ive said it about your other films and ill say it about this one. TIS A MASTERPEICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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Great game, geat poof. I mean spoof!

Great job, man. That was a nice twist on the whole thing.


now you shouldnt have made fun of this game,espicially with a crappy fart joke...this game is one of the best in all the Castlevanias
the way u made is was good, but a fart joke...sorry, u get 0 man...

funny but....

im just getting real tired of fart jokes and i has wished u had maybe made a serious ending, even though the real ending was alredy real serious

The sweet smell of success

The beging sucked, but it got beter later. You saved it with those jokes, good job

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4.05 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2003
11:08 AM EST
Comedy - Parody