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High Scores

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Author Comments

This game is mostly a clone of good ol' Asteroids with some extra features thrown in. The goal is to destroy waves of asteroids and UFOs and to reach a high score. The score you get for destroying enemies depends on the kind of enemy you destroyed and your score multiplier, which decays over time and resets to 1 when you get hit, but grows as long as you keep killing enemies.


Don't forget, that the controls can be configured in the pause menu.

  • W - accelerate.
  • A, D - turn.
  • S - brake.
  • J - fire.
  • K - deploy a turret. Turrets shoot three bullets per shot in a spreading pattern.
  • L - deploy a heavy turret. Heavy turrets shoot homing missiles that explode. They also cost 5 times more than regular turrets, have more hit points and fire twelve missiles when destroyed.
  • I - teleport.
  • P - pause.


Powerups have a chance to drop from destroyed enemies, they can heal you, let you place turrets or temporarily boost your firepower.

  • iu_217148_2588725.png - Health powerup, restores one hit point.
  • iu_217156_2588725.png - turret powerup, gives you one more turret to use.
  • iu_217163_2588725.png - double fire rate. Temporarily doubles your fire rate.
  • iu_217164_2588725.png - triple shot. Temporarily adds two more bullets to your shots, allowing you to shoot in a spreading manner.
  • iu_217170_2588725.png - explosive shot. Temporarily allows you fire exploding bullets, that split into 6 once they hit an enemy.
  • iu_217171_2588725.png - magnet. Rarely dropped by heavy UFOs. Pulls all powerups towards your ship.


  • Asteroids - there are three kinds of them: small ones, big ones, that split into three small ones when destroyed and magma. Magma asteroids look like big asteroids with lava veins, have much more health and explode when destroyed. The longer you play, the more of them spawn.
  • iu_217181_2588725.png - UFO. Appears from time to time, shoots at your ship and turrets. The longer you play the more often they spawn. Its bullets can be destroyed.
  • iu_217182_2588725.png - heavy UFO. Replaces regular UFOs under certain conditions. Has more hitpoints, becomes temporarily invincible, when hit, like your ship, and shoots homing missiles. Missiles cannot be destroyed, and will inevitably explode when they hit their target or their fuse burns out.
  • iu_217183_2588725.png - "ambulance" UFO. Spawns when your hitpoint amount falls to 1, drops 2 health powerups when destroyed.
  • iu_217184_2588725.png - shield. Spawns under certain circumstances in groups of 4, spinning around UFOs. Has tons of health, damages everything it touches. Its purpose is to protect the UFOs, so when its "owner" is destroyed, it dies as well.

Music by TangoStar.

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This is AWESOME!

Very nice

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2020
5:04 PM EST
  • Newgrounds.io
  • BFXR