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First host of this madness collab was TheLittleRedDude, but his collab died because he abandoned it, Cronux revived it, but he left this collab and made me a new Host.

(Not all animators are in newgrounds credits, because they didn't gave me their links)

Thanks Santini1224434 for Thumbnail

Music we used:

Air Eyez - C.E.Y.M.K

Ristik - CyberPong

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OST - Overdrive

YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov50ZusN89w&t=319s

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That makes me proud

great collab

Nooooo my clip wasn't here

Bad anim... 0 stars...

Well, that was so fucking random, but some clips were pretty decent.
Shame that there were those non-sense clips like the ,,bruh" one or the very last one, but I understand it was meant to be a joke. Good choice of soundtracks, they fit pretty well. So overall 4/5.
Also, the best clips in my opinion were by: Shepard, Metric and Hoshi (hope I spelled the name correctly).