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Medieval Chronicles 10

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Episode 10: Glitch Cop:

Dregg must help a reporter catch a killer in order get intel on a Dangerous Serial Killer called... The Heartless.

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I can't believe that I didn't play this as soon as it came out but after playing it I feel confused about the ending. Hopefully the next game can clear things up

What the hell was that about at the beginning and at the ending?? That plot twist made my head "explode" O.o
At first I was confused, then at the end I went back to the beginning. Now I have even more questions. VasantJ really doesn´t lose opportunity to leave everyone confused and surprised :´v Anyway, this Medieval Cop game was perfect, as usual.

Pretty interesting game: certainly grabs you at the start with a lot of interesting concepts while then lightening the mood with some humor, some crazy characters and a little mystery. Might've overdone it on the humor initially what with all the overabudance of puns, jokes and fourth-wall breaks, but it's understandable, haha.


holy crap