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Twisted Twilight

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Author Comments

Twisted Twilight 

Explore your home to discover what has happened. But beware the dark...

Programming - QuietBenchZen

Music and Sound Design - Austin Blau

Game and Level Design - Jhifara

Tileset - Modern Interiors by LimeZu

  • The following assets were modified for use by Jhifara... 
  • Large Bed with green and white covers 
  • Key / Keyrack
  • Fireplace Chimney

Font - Scratch Kit by Ammy K

Created in a week for Weekly Game Jam 176 "Charge"

I plan to upgrade my most promising game jam games to full games in 2021, so I'd really appreciate any feedback to help decide which games are most worth upgrading and what should be fixed, improved, and added in the upgraded versions.

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A very cool concept, well executed atmosphere, and left me interested for a story. As far as I can tell, there wasn't much of one. The game feels empty, and ends out of nowhere.

The environment is huge, and your limited field of view and capacity to stray from safety meant that, in a game where I was supposed to "explore to discover", the game punished me for doing that. I know that going against the player's goals is the very basis of challenging gameplay, but this just felt obnoxious- Each room was way, way bigger than I could properly see in my light circle, but there would be secrets to find and things to look for, right? The wide, but individually rendered spaces, with your field of view obscured, meant there's things to find, surely, especially since hidden notes and diaries are how these games tell their stories.

The first room had nothing, which was weird, I expected at least an intro. I had to go around three times to be properly sure, with the low visibility. Second room also had nothing. So did the third room. And the fourth.

By the time I had the flashlight I figured THAT was when I should explore. Then I noticed it was running out of bateries at a speed that made me think it wouldn't reload. I just turned on some instruments, ran without seeing where I was going or what I was missing, and the first light I saw was... the ending? Where I'm a ghost? It came out of nowhere, and I was underwhelmed.

If I'm to explore, I need to be able to trace my surroundings better. If there's a story here, tell me.

I'm SO glad I didn't read the description before playing, becuase once I realized what the noises meant as the light dimmed on my character before stepping back into the light...my heart rate spiked. And quite a few times after that, exploring the house for a little while! You've created a really intense atmosphere and sense of urgency in the exploration. I wish it was a little less aimless of a house layout, because the rummaging around in the darkness for the way to go forward is a really good mechanic. I can forgive most of the things due to it being a jam game but the moment I got a game over...there was no real horror climax to dying, it just sorta ruined the sense of fear I had - it's scary and urgent BECAUSE you immediately expect something bad to happen, but if nothing does, the fear loses its luster and hold very quickly. You hear jumpscares be criticized but the exact opposite of that is just as bad in my opinion. If you go with this idea for a full game and you want it to be a horror game, have some stakes for investing in a playthrough (the climax to losing) and give the tension PLENTY of time to build up as you play.
All in all, I really like it - In just 10 seconds of play you got a visceral "oh sh*t" reaction out of me. I'd play a full game version if you go with this idea! This is also the LONGEST review on NG i've ever written, lol

Quite the interesting game, felt a tad bit jankie but overall i like the concept of the gameplay, its very interesting and i hope you can make something that can further one of your concepts to further boundaries.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2020
1:17 PM EST